Sunday, July 02, 2006

Game Review (Tony Hawk's Underground 2: Remix - PSP)

Tony Hawk's Underground 2 for the home consoles were really good Tony Hawk games because they were just a whole lot different from the rest of the games in the series; really unique and strange. Here is my review for THUG2 Remix for the PSP. This game is a lot like the console versions, but there are a few things different about this game. First, the character customization is a little bit better because there is more choices for items to put on your character. Not a lot, but there are a few. Second, the levels appear in different orders, and some of the older levels from past Tony Hawk games appear in this version instead of the console ones. For instance, on both versions you start off in the level Training; which is exactly the same for both versions. But the next level on the PS2 or any other console would have been Boston, but on the PSP it's Santa Monica, which is in Tony Hawk 2 I believe as well as Tony Hawk's American Wasteland.

Graphics: 8.5/10. The graphics in this game during game play looks very similar to the earlier versions of this game. They look really good for a handheld. There is really just one thing that I don't like: the vides/cutscenes. Normally in a game the cutscenes have better graphics than the actual in-game graphics, but in THUG 2 Remix, the graphics are actually worse, and the graphics are really glitchy and blurry. The videos are definitely not pretty to watch, but the overall in game graphics look really, really good.

Sound: 9/10. The sound is pretty much the same as the earlier versions, there are even some songs from the older version's soundtrack in this one too, but there are also different songs; not just the same exact ones that are in the PS2 and Xbox versions. The voices are well done, and the rest of the skateboard sounds sound good, too.

Control: 7/10. Yeah. Controls... I never really had a problem with a single games controls until I played this game. These controls are just confusing, stupid, and makes you wonder more than once "WHY THE HELL DIDN'T SONY HAVE TWO ANALOG STICKS PUT ON THE PSP!?!?" Since you can't change the controls, yes, SINCE YOU CAN NOT CHANGE THE CONTROLS, this is how you play. You have to skate around with the D-Pad; which sounds okay, but since the PSP is known for it's somewhat unresponsive D-Pad, it really isn't easy to do. If you try to press two buttons on the D-Pad at once ( Like turning while on your board without moving ) it's actually very hard to do unless you are off your board because you have to press down extremely hard for this to work; and it isn't even worth it. You will find yourself in some kind of a race to get points in story mode, and you won't be able to do it because the controls are so out of whack. When you press L to get off your board, you can use the D-Pad to walk, or analog stick to run. The rest of the buttons pretty much are just like the PS2 version; X to ollie, Triangle to grind, Square for flip tricks, and O for grabs. The controls are just terrible for me because of the fact you HAVE TO USE the D-Pad to move; I would have much rather been able to use the analog stick.

Fun: 7.5/10. All-in-all, this is a decent game worth checking out even if you have played the console versions. Sure this game's controls are mediocre, the nice graphics, the good soundtrack, the somewhat long gameplay makes this a buy to hardcore fans. There is even Ad-Hoc multiplayer ( short distance multiplayer ) for up to ( It's either 4 or 8 players ). That adds to the experience. It would have been nice to have Infrastructure, though. ( Online ). So whether you've already beaten Tony Hawks Underground 2, THUG 2 Remix has some new levels, some older levels Underground 2 didn't have, and it's portable. If you are a die-hard Hawk fan, you should buy this game; even though the controls really are pretty damn bad.


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