Sunday, July 02, 2006

Game Review (California Speed - N64)

I bought this about a year ago at EB Games for about $3.00. I was hoping for a good old classic N64 game. Damn was I wrong.

Graphics: 6/10. Bad framerate and the graphics are TRYING to be good but fail which makes for a crash fest into walls because the colors are blurred and it's really hard to tell where you're going.

Sound: 5/10. Vroom...Vroom..SHIFT..Vroom..Vroom..SHIFT. You got the idea. You hear cars shifting gears and annoying wannabe techno like music in the background. So aggrivating it should be put on mute.

Control: 5.5/10. The controls for the most part don't even respond. It is about a half second delay on any button press, and there is not any realism at all in this game.

Fun: 5/10. What the hell were the creators thinking? Bland graphics, horrible gameplay, extremely unrealistic... so on. Even if you like racing games on the not-so-realistic side, this game still shouldn't be bought. This was a horrible game! In every way! You will not have fun! DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!!


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