Sunday, July 02, 2006

Hardware Review (Nyko Airflo Controller - PS2)

Airflo was a great idea, but a cheap design. I had the same one, but it had white grips. Anyways, I had this thing for about a month and my cousin had dropped it ( lightly ) on the analog side. Sadly and pathetically, the analog stick broke and could not be fixed. Thus, making this a huge waste of my $40. Another thing not to good about this controller is the fact it feels big in your hands. It's good for racing games, but when I play SOCOM ( Used to playing with a standard PS2 controller ) it just feels big and hard to use. The fan works well and you can adjust the speed; no problems here, because it's pretty freakin' silent, but it doesn't work very well. You will feel most ( if not all ) of the air just coming out through the back of the remote instead of out of the grips. Either way, this is an expensive controller that is not well made and easy to break. Hell, the same thing happened to my friend when he dropped his. I would really not reccomend this controller. The best PS2 controller is and always will be the standard one.


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