Sunday, July 02, 2006

Game Review (Chopper Attack - N64)

I remember the day i got this game. It was the day my grandma finally bought an N64 for her house, and she got Cruisin' USA as well as this game, thinking my grandpa may play it. She was wrong. He never DID sit down to play this game. And I don't blame him.

Graphics: 6.5/10. Graphically, this game is okay for an N64 game. It gets the graphics down pretty well for the system, but it isn't anything spectacular.

Sound: 6/10. There are those chopper sounds, the people screaming, the people over the speakers, the annoying rock music. It's very, very, very sub par.

Control: 5.5/10. These take some time getting used to and it is rather frustrating at times. The choppers barely and rarely move where you want them to, which is very annoying because it does in some ways seem realistic, but since it's a game, it should have been a lot easier. It's a struggle just shooting a tiny little guy below your chopper.

Fun: 6/10. This game is MEDIOCRE. It has upgrades you can get before and after every mission, a nice variation in levels, a number of different choppers to select; but it's just not fun. I really don't reccomend this game.


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