Sunday, July 02, 2006

Music Review (If Only You Were Lonely - Hawthorne Heights )

Hawthorne Height's Silence in Black and White was so much better than this CD. Some of these song names are just so Emo it's unbelievable. Dead in the Water? Where Can I Stab Myself in the Ears? Come on. What the hell is that. Anyways, this is still a decent CD... here's my review.

This Is Who We Are: 9.5/10. This really is an excellent song. I just like the opening riff and the way it's sung. Great way to start the CD.

We Are So Last Year: 8/10. Not that great at all. I really only like this song because of the guitar work.

Language Lessons: 9/10. Another good song. I like the vocals a lot.

Pens and Needles: 9/10. Another great song... I like the guitar riffs once again. Nice beat, decent lyrics, I like it.

Saying Sorry: 9/10. Obviously the first single for this album. It's a good one but it's getting old. The lyrics also are pretty lame and repetitious.

Dead in the Water: 8.5/10. Straight up Emo from the song name to the lyrics, but I like the vocals in this song. I

I am on your Side: 7/10. Really the same beat and whatnot throughout the entire song. A weak spot on the CD.

Breathing in Sequence: 7.5/10. So-so track. Nothing special about it at all.

Light Sleeper: 7/10. I really once again just don't like this one.

Cross Me Off Your List: 7/10. Doesn't really speed up, until the chorus, and is just a slow boring song.

Where Can I Stab Myself In The Ears: 7/10. Stupid song name. Boring song.

Decembers: 6.5/10 Horrible way to end the CD. Slow, boring song that will put most people to sleep.

Overall, the beginning of the CD is pretty good, but it goes all downhill from there, making this CD one that you shouldn't buy, but maybe rip a copy of.


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