Sunday, July 02, 2006

Game Review (International Superstar Soccer '98 - N64)

International Superstar Soccer '98 (ISS-98) is probably the best soccer game I've ever played. It may be '06, but this is better than any other next gen soccer game. Here is my review.

Graphics: 8/10. Really good graphics for the N64; but the colors are pretty bright, though. The fouls look good when a player gets hit, and the animations are good. And obviously, no loading times.

Sound: 7/10. A decent announcer with a bit of an annoying english accent does the commentary. He does it better than some sports games that came out on the N64, but he doesn't say much and only has a few lines. There is very little other sound in this game.

Control: 8/10. A to pass, B to shoot, Left C to slide. That's all you need to know. The only problem for me is that I tend to get the pass and shoot buttons messed up, but these are really simple to learn controls.

Fun: 8/10. With a friend, this is probably the most fun you will have with a soccer game. Without one, that's another story. The A.I. on single player seems to run a lot faster than you making it nearly impossible to get a good shot on the goalie. On multiplayer, this isn't so, which makes multiplayer the best thing about this game. Go to your local EB Games and see if this game is available.


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