Sunday, July 02, 2006

Game Review (NBA Hangtime - N64)

This is a revew for the N64 game, not the PS1 game. The N64 version isn't available on amazon. NBA Hangtime is not nearly as good as NBA Jam for a few reasons. First, the weird graphics are pretty annoying. They are the actual pictures of the player's heads, and the bodies are animated. It's very strange. There is also only one camera view; which is the "broadcasting view" like you see on TV. Here's my review.

Graphics: 6/10. These are not good much at all. Like I said, they are very strange and different graphics, and that isn't a good thing. They are really quite ugly.

Sound: 5.5/10. Mediocre at best. The announcer is annoying and the music being played has just as bad quality as the rest of the game.

Control: 6/10. They do not respond well at all. If you play against the computer, you have one computer guy on your game you can somewhat control and not control. This game has 2 on 2 basketball and it is just really frustrating how you just can't control both players entirely.

Fun: 6/10. This game has good stats if you have a memory card, and you can also create your character with quite a few different choices for your body and what not. This is a game that you should not buy unless you are a hardcore unrealistic basketball game. This is the NFL Blitz of basketball, but it is really not good. This game with a friend is a lot better than going solo. I got this game for $3.99 at EB Games, and I'm glad it didn't cost anymore.


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