Sunday, July 02, 2006

Game Review (1080 - N64)

I used to love this game; but now it's dated and now that I look back on it, it's not as fun now, either way, here's my review.

Graphics: 8.5/10. This is a more realistic snowboarding game, so there are very realistic colors; unlike snowboarding kids or anything with very bright colors. 1080 features very realistic physics and is very sophisticated. Anyways, the graphics I remember loving mainly because of the powdery snow. I liked to edge in deep snow just because it was it was so fluffy. For that, this game got what it got in this category.

Sound: 9/10. Whether you go through a foot of snow or right accross jagged ice, there's a different noise. There is a different sound for everything, which is strange because really for the most part in many games on the N64 there is the same or a very similar song for everything in the game.

Control: 8/10. Very, very realistic and solid, but It's frustrating for that reason. it is really realistic so you really have to land FLAT to get land, which can be frustrating for little kids. There is also damage; so if you get beat up a lot you will not win the race.

Fun: 8.5/10. Nice and realistic, great events, and different difficulties for every age and cool characters make this a must play for any owner of an N64.


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