Tuesday, July 18, 2006

DVD Review ( The Simpsons: The Complete First Season )

I've had The Simpsons on DVD since 2002, but I've just decided to do the reviews. My review:

Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire: Bart gets a tattoo and all of the family's christmas money has to be used to remove it. In the meantime, Homer finds out he won't be recieving a Christmas bonus, and has to buy cheap things for the family. While out at a dog track, he bets all of his money being a mall Santa on a dog that loses. In the end, Homer brings the dog home and the family thinks that Santa's Little Helper was the present for the family all along. 4/5

Bart The Genius: Bart cheats off of Martin Prince's test and is presumed a genius. He goes to a "special children" school where he discovers it is not as fun as he thought that it'd be. After telling going back to his old school, Bart tells Homer he cheated and Homer chases him through the house. 4/5

Homer's Odyssey: Homer wrecks a cooling tank at the power plant and is fired; Homer is depressed and attempts to kill himself. After realizing he has a meaning to live, he becomes an unofficial safety watch guy. As Homer takes on Mr. Burns, he's offered a new job by Mr. Burns and accepts. 3/5

There's No Disgrace Like Home: At a company picnic, Homer notices that his family is not normal. After seeing a TV advertisment for Dr. Marvin Monroe, Homer takes his family to Marvin Monroe's clinic where he promises "family bliss or double your money back." After a failed attempt of making the family normal, Dr. Marvin Monroe pays the family double their money back. 4/5

Bart The General: Bart is repetedly beat up by Nelson Muntz and decides that he needs to get back. After talking to Grampa, Grampa has Bart meet Herman, a military "expert". Bart gets back at Nelson and they sign a treaty. 4/5

Moaning Lisa: A depressed Lisa finds that life isn't very exciting and one night wanders outside to a saxophone player Bleeding Gums Murphy. After meeting him, her life changes and she finds out life isn't so bad afterall. 2/5

[*]Call Of The Simpsons: Jealous of Ned Flanders' new camper, Homer sets out to buy one of his own. He takes his family into a forest where they are stranded after it falls off of a cliff. Homer is mistaken for BigFoot and there is a reward for his capture. At the end of the episode in bed, Marge tells Homer he's not a below average human being, but a brilliant beast. 5/5

The Tell-Tale Head: To be cool, Bart amputates Jebediah Springfield's head in Town Square. He soon admits to doing it and is forgiven by the whole town. 3/5

Life On The Fast Lane: Homer buys Marge a bowling bowl as a present for her birthday hoping she won't use it so he could. Marge decides that she would start to bowl, and she meets Jacques Brunswick, a bowling master/womanizer. Marge at the end of the episode is offered to go to Jacques apartment and she accepts. On the way to his apartment, Marge decides to go to Homer's work at the powerplant. Marge carries her out and they make sweet, sweet love in his car. 3/5

Homer's Night Out: Homer goes to a "stag" party and dances with a stripper. Bart takes a picture of it and soon everyone around town has a copy. Upset, Marge kicks Homer out of the house and tells him that if he wants to continue living there, he'd have to bring Bart to Princess Kashmir and appologize. He does, and the family is all fine and good again. 3/5

The Crepes Of Wrath: Bart throws a cherry bomb down the school toilet and is sentences to deportation by Principal Skinner. Bart's family agrees, and he's sent to France in turn for an Albanian boy, Adil Hoxha. While Bart manages to get his "parents" Ugeleth and Cesar arrested, Adil Hoxha is arrested for sending messages to his home country in Bart's treehouse. Bart returns home happily. 4/5

[*]Krusty Gets Busted: Sideshow Bob is jealous of Krusty the Klown and frames him. When arrested, Bart and Lisa find out that Krusty is innocent and Sideshow Bob is sent to jail. 5/5

Some Enchanted Evening: Homer and Marge go out for a night and Bart, Lisa, and Maggie are stuck with the "Baby Sitter Bandit", Lucille Botzokowski. Bart and Lisa manage to hogtie her and call police. As Homer and Marge enter the house, Homer unties her and lets her away without knowing what she did. 4/5

Overall, The Simpsons: The Complete First Season really isn't good at ALL compared to the current ones available. There are some memorable episodes in here like Krusty Gets Busted and Some Enchanted Evening, but for the most part, most of the episodes are os-os. That's backwards for "so-so". The animation is crude, the laughs are sparce, but it doesn't matter. The Simpsons hasn't really been known about laughter, but great stories. And really, any season you buy that is what you will find. Some laughs but not many, and excellent stories written by brilliant writers. ( John Schwartzwelder, Conan O'Brien... ) Sit back and enjoy The Simpsons: The Complete First Season.


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