Sunday, July 02, 2006

Game Review (MLB 2K6 - PSP)

MLB 2K6 was kind of a dissapointment. 2K5 for the PS2 was a good game, and I was expecting the same here.

Graphics: 7/10. The character models look great, the stadiums look somewhat close to how they actually look, and that's about it. The fans look like sickening chunks of vomit ( can't expect much for it being a PSP ). The character movements are also realistic; which is cool, but it's really bad if you are playing in the outfield. A thing I also noticed, is that some players don't have helmets on when their batting, and some don't have their hats on when they're in the outfield. For me, I noticed that Vladamir Guererro has this problem. Nothing big at all, but it obviously was a mistake made.

Sound: 7/10. The annoying "hardcore elevator music" at the main menu is really annoying. 2K5 didn't have really good music either, though. Just those ESPN beats. The commentators get the calls done, but about 70% of the time, it's not on time. They will often call a play 5 seconds or so after it happens. When you hit the ball, it makes a strange sound, too. It makes the same sound every time, and it just doesn't sound like a bat on ball. It's kind of a sound that would wake you up in the middle of the night after something fell in the garage.

Control: 6/10. These controls are really just pretty damn frustrating. Initially, I thought I couldn't live with pitching; trying to aim the ball at the corners to get these guys swinging; but I did get used to it. That isn't my big problem though; I'd definitely say the fielding is worse. If a ball is hit in the outfield and you for whatever reason accidently move the analog nub in the wrong direction and try to go back towards the ball, you will miss it because the people just take so long to turn around. Another annoying thing that in a real baseball game would easily get a guy out, is the horrible infielding. If there is a ground ball, the guy ( usually the short stop ) will just lob it over to 1st base, when he really should rocket it; which often gets the man on base. Hell, many times there will be an inside the park homerun if your outfielder misses a ground ball rolling into the open. It extremely annoying and pretty much ruins this game.

Fun: 7/10. This game is really not as bad to the point where it's not playable, but it really is not buyable. Rent this game and check it out, you will either like it or won't. There is Ad-Hoc and Infrastructure online play, though, but I haven't played it yet because my Wi-Fi is broken. Wait for the MLB 2K7 addition, or if you can't wait and have a PS2, pick up MLB 2K5. It's a more "complete" game. MLB 2K5 doesn't have trivia during loading times though like MLB 2K6 ;].


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