Friday, July 14, 2006

Hardware Review ( AK Racer Gaming Chair )

I was at Best Buy and saw a huge selection of gaming chairs ranging from $50-$130. Not wanting to spend much, I decided to buy this one, and it really is a bargain for $50. The back to this chair adjusts to straight back onto the floor, or hunched forward, with a lock so you can lean back without falling onto the floor. The style of the chair is also nice, a black and grey seat that really does look cool. The chair also seems to be well made, because even when sitting in it, I lean back and forth like a rocking chair and it feels very sturdy. The only real problem I had with mine ( and I doubt anyone else would have this problem ) is that there was a stain on it when I took it out of the box; no big deal; you can't notice it unless you squint. Overall, this is a really nice chair that is rather comfortable, and it is a steal for only $50. Definitely is one to buy.

Highly Recommended.

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