Sunday, July 02, 2006

Hardware Review (Logitech PlayGear Pocket - PSP)

This is byfar the best case you could buy for your PSP. It's affordable, cool, and works. The Logitech Playgear Pocket is a very sturdy hard plastic case with black rubber to prevent the PSP from moving around while inside. There are little holes so you can charge the PSP, have headphones in, turn the PSP on or off, and press the L and R buttons, which is great if you are listening to music. When the PSP is in the case, it weighs quite a bit. I'd guess maybe 1.5 pounds. But that means this thing is heavy duty; and it should be; while I was at EB Games buying this, the guy said this was a really good case and he dropped his ( somehow ) from 2 stories high. It saved the PSP and mearly CRACKED THE CASE. That's not hard to believe, since this thing is rock solid. The only real bad thing about this case, though, is the fact that you can't put any thing else in it. No space for headphones or extra Memory Sticks, sadly. I try to put memory sticks and the PSP cloth in mine, and it fits, but it feels like it could open, so it isn't recommended. And since there are holes in the case, it's not at all water proof, in case you spill something over it. Either way, this is the best case you can buy byfar and for an awesome price of $15-$20 ( depending on where you get it. ) Definitely buy this case, it's great.


Highly Recommended.

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