Sunday, July 02, 2006

Game Review (Banjo-Kazooie - N64)

I've had this game since way back when it was released; I just never got the chance to write a review.

The Story: Banjo's sister, Tooty, was "the most beautiful girl around" and Grunty the witch wanted her beauty, so she pulled an Amber Alert and took her to her lair. Banjo's lazy bum the whole time was sleeping. It's up to you to get jiggy's and notes and what-not to stop Grunty and get Banjo's sister back.

Graphics: 9.5/10. Awesomely different and creative worlds. From a sewer, to a pirate ship on an island, to a desert and into an icy snowland, there are tons of different and unique worlds to play through. The graphics are stellar for the N64, with bright colors and cool characters with good animations. This is one of the best N64 games as far as graphics go next to games like Donkey Kong 64 and Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

Sound: 9/10. There aren't really any voices in this game; just kind of sound effects that are different for each character. Blubber on Treasure Grove Cove sounds like he's burping or throwing up, Kazooie sounds like a gagging bird, Banjo sounds like a big old hick of a bear... and so on. The music in this game, though, is some of the catchiest and the best music i've heard in really any adventure game. The music doesn't really get old, and whoever created it is brilliant. Overall, the sound is really, really good.

Control: 8.5/10. Being an adventure game, there are a lot of different controls for a lot of different moves. And since the N64 controller is the way it is ( pretty annoying ) it's easy to get confused even after playing for hours on end, just because you go brain dead. The controls are a bit strange at first to do some of the attacks, but you will get used to them anyways.

Fun: 9/10. A great game from beginning to end. Get the jiggys, move on. Get the notes, move on. That simple? No. This game is challenging and is for all ages, even if it does have a kiddy approach. The game lasts maybe 40 hours or so depending on how fast you get through the game. Great characters, great level design, and fantastic music makes this a must buy. This is one of the best games on the N64, and I.M.O., the best adventure game. Pick this game up now; it is better than its sequel and the Game Boy Advanced ones, even if all three are fantastic. Buy this game!!


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