Sunday, July 02, 2006

Game Review (Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror - PSP)

First off, I'd like to say I wasn't expecting this game to be at all what it is. I was expecting a half-assed game that was similar to the crap heap Syphon Filter; but I was wrong. Why? Because this game is amazing. I saw the reviews of 9 and above all over the net, so I decided to rent this. I am glad I did. It is just a fantastic game that blends in Goldeneye 007 gameplay in with Spinter Cell. Here is my review:

Graphics: 9.5/10. Some of the best graphics ever on a PSP game. The ingame graphics are great, but the video's ( like the one at the beginning of the game ) is absolutely stunning. They look damn realistic, the only real problem is that the lips don't move realistically; other then that; these are some freakishly nice looking graphics even for the PSP.

Sound: 9/10. Nice voice-overs. Nice gun sounds. It's all really good but nothing special. Hell, there is music in the background at times; and you hear chitchat among A.I. characters.

Control: 9/10. Really quite similar to SOCOM Fireteam Bravo in ways... you can use L to lock on, and R to fire at the guy, or to look around you can use the triangle, circle, X, and O buttons. The controls can definitely be frustrating at times though because it can be a matter of life or death depending on how quick you can line the crosshairs up on a guy long range before he kills you.

Fun: 9/10. I've only played single player ( my wifi is broken at the moment ) and so far I am amazed at how spectacular this game is. It took me about 10-15 minutes to get used to the controls, the graphics look amazing, the sound fits well, and it's just an awesome game to play. If you like playing games like Splinter Cell, SOCOM, or hell, just shooting games in general, you have to play this. It's confusing, hard, and aggrivating at times, but after you get through it you won't experience it for awhile. This game really is just a some-what difficult game, but for the most part, it isn't bad at all. Even if you don't like shooters; this is still worth a look. I haven't even PLAYED the Multiplayer yet; that has to be some killer stuff. Have fun.


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