Monday, July 10, 2006

Game Review ( Wipeout Pure - PSP )

Wipeout Pure was a launch title for the PSP, but I didn't play it until just yesterday. This game is really unique and really fun. Here is my review.

Graphics: 9/10. The graphics really are pretty cool. The track design is nice, the explosions from the items look really sweet, but in a way, some tracks after awhile seem to look similar.

Sound: 8.5/10. Interesting music plays when you are racing, and it's hard to desribe; it's pretty cool though. The racers sound cool, and the weapons do too.

Control: 9/10. Only the skilled can play this game. It may be simple, but you have to use L and R triggers at the right time to do the turns effectively. This game takes practice to beat track times and not hit the walls.

Fun: 8.5/10. As far as I know so far, there are only 8 tracks, and quite a few racers to pick from, but overall, this game could last awhile. There are downloadable features on Infrastructure play, but not many people play this game online. This game is definitely worth a rental, but I really don't think you should take your money out and buy it. It's an interesting game, and a fun one, but the length leaves something to be desired.


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