Sunday, July 02, 2006

Game Review (Madden 64 - N64)

This game is just like the Super Nintendo versions of Madden, but this game is really not good.

Graphics: 6/10. For an N64 game, this is not good. They only look a little bit better than the SNES Madden's.

Control: 6/10. I find it somewhat difficult and it just doesn't feel right on an N64 controller.

Sound: 6.5/10. Madden is there, but it is fuzzy and when you hit someone they make a stupid little "tech umpf" as I call it. It's really annoying and it's pointless.

Fun: 6/10. This game fails. Just like the SNES with nothing more than an updated roster; there really is no fun to be had here and you are better off not playing it. I think it's a good thing it was only $3.99. Hell, there are better sports game for lower prices. If you're a fan of a "realistic" football game, try this, but if you want the best football experience on the N64 even if it is exaggerated and not realistic, try NFL Blitz/BFL Blitz 2000.


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