Sunday, July 02, 2006

Game Review (Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition - PSP)

When I bought my PS2 around launch date, I got Midnight Club. I was not at all pleased with the game and really didn't like it. I also tried Midnight Club 2 and didn't like that, but since I had the Block Buster Game Pass I rented this.

Graphics: 8.5/10. The graphics are really, really good. The cars have really nice reflections, the citys look real nice, the car customization is unbelievable... the only problem with the graphics is the occasional slowdown in framerate, which can be annoying at times. Other than that, the graphics are still really good.

Sound: 7.5/10. I was not really pleased with the soundtrack for MC3:DE. Most of the music is just rap; which I don't care for. There are some rock bands like Jimmy Eat World and Nine Inch Nails, but those are just 2 of the very few rock bands that are even in this game. I'd say 85% of the songs are rap. The cars sound great, though.

Control: 8.5/10. Control couldn't be much easier, really. Analog stick to move, X to gas, triangle to brake or reverse... that's about it. Really quite easy to control.

Fun: 8/10. MC3:DE is overall a pretty good game, and an excellent portable racing game. The biggest problem with this game though is definitely the loading times. They are just over a minute long ( I counted, I was bored. ) The longest loading times are when it loads into a race or into Career Cruise mode. Also when you're customizing your car, make sure to have a hefty amount of battery life left. It took be about a half hour just to get my decals, paint, windshield, body, and engine and stuff done. The loading times are really annoying and constant. Other than that, this is a great game that has multiplayer so you can race against your friends, and a decent career mode ( not much of a story ) that has three levels, including Detroit and San Diego. This game will get repetetive after awhile, though, but if you need the Club anywhere you go, you should get this, or at least rent it. ( P.S. This game is extremely similar to Need For Speed games; I could have easily mistaken it for Need For Speed Underground or something. So if you liked that, try this. )


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