Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Game Review ( Oblivion - 360 )

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion got a lot of attention, and I decided to try it out. As a fan of Everquest, I figured this game would be somewhat similar. I was right. This is my review.

Graphics: 9/10. People say the graphics in this game are stunning and the best on the 360; maybe so in some cases, but there are just so many glitches. When in the open and if you look in the distance, the land looks very blurry. There are also little "hiccups" in gameplay occassionally where the game will stop to load. Other than that, the spells look nice, the character models are good, and the creatures are cool. Another thing strange I noticed, though, was the water. It looks great, but when you dive in there's no splash, and if you look behind you, it looks like a really cheap wave. Also, you don't get wet, either.

Sound: 9/10. Nice voice overs, great battle music, and really great attention-to-detail sounds. It sounds like you're really in a forest when the birds are chirping and the water is moving, and what not. Good sound.

Control: 9/10. It is an RPG, so you will have to learn the controls. It isn't too hard, but it can get a little bit frustrating. While fighting in a battle, it is sometimes annoying that when you slash, you won't hit them, even when you're targeting it. The control is still pretty nice.

Fun: 9/10. Oblivion is a good 360 game. I don't think it's as good as people say neccessarily, but it's still a great game. Oblivion should have you playing for a long time; leveling up, exploring new lands and creatures, and just getting new quests. I strongly recommend you try Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.


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