Monday, August 21, 2006

Game Review ( NHL 2K6 - 360 )

NHL 2K6 is just a game that falls way short of spectacular; with several glitches and problems, it makes it one hockey game that is very easy to pass up. Here is my review.

Graphics: 6.5/10. These graphics are simply just funky. The character models like they are inside of airtight plastic bags, and look like they are glowing angels, while everything else looks horrible. The audience is ugly, and everything else is just bland. Also, the presentation is sad and pathetic. The menus are just boring. Also, the cut scenes repeat just after 2 games. Pathetic!

Sound: 6.5/10. Annoying commentary. The announcers sound like they were two payed men who have never even seen a hockey game. Their voices are just so fake sounding and it's obviously scripted and doesn't even sound convincing. Extremely annoying. The soundtrack, too, is bad. There are basically no good songs in this game. Other than that, the other sound in this game is just nothing different then any other hockey game.

Control: 7/10. Control is essentially too easy. Anyone can learn to play this game in about 5 minutes. The main reason I dislike the controls is just that the AI is way too easy. I play on pro/all-star and the AI difficulty is sickening. You will find yourself outscoring the AI by about 5 or 6 goals a game on many of the difficulty settings.

Fun: 7.5/10. Despite its many problems, NHL 2K6 is still a decent game. The new goalie feature is unique and could be quite useful, but it just doesn't feel right; maybe next year. The AI is basically shot, the menus are nasty, and the graphics are sad. Nothing about this game is next-gen at all; the only good thing about this game is that it was recently dropped from $60 to $40; but that still doesn't mean you should purchase this mess of a hockey game.


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