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DVD Review ( The Simpsons: The Complete Third Season )

Here it is. My review of The Simpsons Season Three. This is another great Simpsons season with a boat full of classics. Some of my favorite here are when Flanders opens The Leftorium in "When Flanders Failed", Bart gets into soap box derby racing in "Saturdays of Thunder", the classic "Flaming Moe's" when Moe's bar gets popular due to Homer's drink, and many more. This is one of my favorite seasons.


[*] Indicates a "Season Great"

Stark Raving Dad: 4/5. Homer goes to an insany asylum for wearing a pink shirt to work. Michael Jackson ( said to be John J. Smith ) guest stars in this episode.

Mr. Lisa Goes To Washington: 3/4. Lisa wins an essay contest and goes to Washington, soon learning how poor U.S. Democracy is.

[*]When Flanders Failed: 5/5. Flanders opens The Leftorium; and Homer hopes he fails. Sure enough, he does, but soon gets popular after Homer tells people in Springfield about the store.

Bart the Murderer: 4/5. Bart joins a gang and Principal Skinner goes missing. Bart is accussed of doing it, but it's his gang that did it.

Homer Defined: 4/5. Homer gets credit for saving the plant and is said around town to be a hero, but actually he guessed what button to press.

Like Father, Like Clown: 3/5. Bart and Lisa attempt to find where Herschel Krustofski's is living. ( AKA Krusty ).

Treehouse of Horror 2: 3/5. Another good Treehouse of Horror episode. This one features The Monkey Paw one, the minisode where Bart has mysterious powers, and when Mr. Burns uses Homers brain to build a robot.

[*]Lisa's Pony: 4/5. Homer learns that Lisa is starting not to love him anymore so he buys her a pony; knowing very little of how to maintain it. He soon has to take up two jobs.

[*]Saturdays of Thunder: 5/5. Bart builds a soapbox derby racer and uses it to race against Martin Prince and Nelson Muntz.

[*]Flaming Moes: 5/5. In this stellar episode, Moe's Bar goes downhill and Homer tells him about a drink he came up with. Moe steals the drink and calls it The Flaming Moe. He is soon the most popular joint in town.

Burns Verkaufen Der Kraftwerk: 3/5. Germans buy the powerplant and fire Homer. At the end of the episode, Mr. Burns buys the plant back.

I Married Marge: 4/5. In The Simpsons' second flashback episode, Homer and Marge reminisce about when they got married, and why.

Radio Bart: 4/5. Bart's birthday present from Homer turns out to be a good thing when Bart fakes being stuck in a well under the name Timmy O'Toole.

[*]Lisa The Greek: 5/5. Lisa becomes a great football picker and she earns Homer a lot of money. For the Superbowl, Lisa's love for homer is on the line.

Homer Alone: 4/5. Marge decides she needs a little time off from the house and goes and relaxes at Rancho Relaxo while Bart and Lisa stay with Patty and Selma and Maggie stays with Homer.

Bart the Lover: 4/5. Bart gets back at Mrs. Krabappel for banning Yo-Yos in her class. He comes up with a fake lover "Woodrow" from the president Woodrow Wilson and uses Gordie Howe's face as his.

Homer At The Bat: 4/5. Mr. Burns hires proffesional MLB players to play for the plant softball team. Homer is called in the last inning and wins the game by getting hit in the head with the ball.

Seperate Vocations: 4/5. In this episode, Bart and Lisa switch places; Lisa becomes a bad-girl and Bart becomes a hall monitor. Lisa soon hides the teacher edition books, but Bart takes the blame in the end.

Dog Of Death: 4/5. The Simpson family learns Santa's Little Helper has a twisted stomach and the operation will cost $750. Santa's Little Helper runs away but soon returns to the family.

Colonel Homer: 4/5. Homer meets a singing waitress named Lurleen and tries to make her a country superstar. Marge becomes worried, and soon Homer "unloads" Lurleen for fifty bucks.

Black Widower: 4/5. Sideshow Bob returns in this episode and marries Selma. He soon attempts to kill her but Bart gets him arrested yet again.

[*]The Otto Show: 5/5. Otto loses his job and soon moves in with Bart and his family. Otto in the end gets his job back and all is happy and jolly and good for everybody.

Bart's Friend Falls In Love: 4/5. Milhouse instantly falls in love with a new girl in school Samantha Stanky. Bart soon gets the two of them split up and she goes to another school.

Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes?: 4/5. Robert DeNiro returns to play Homer's brother Herb in the season finale. Herb asks for money from the family to develop a baby translator. It becomes a smash hit with moms everywhere and he becomes rich again. He buys everybody in the family a present.


Season 3 is just chock full of good old episodes. Any Simpsons fan should purchase this season. It also ( as all of the seasons do ) has commentary by the Simpsons crew. Matt Groening in basically all the episodes, featured with other people from the show, such as Dan Caselenetta, Julie Kavner, Yeardly Smith, Al Jean, Mike Reiss, Jim Reardon, and many more. Buy, buy, buy The Simpsons Complete Third Season.


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