Tuesday, August 22, 2006

DVD Review ( The Simpsons: The Complete Fifth Season )

Another great Simpsons DVD Season; season 5. And this one is ( like the others ) chock full of really good episodes. Mr. Burns finds his "Bobo", Homer goes to college, Bart becomes a member of the boy scouts, Homer falls in love with Mindy, a casino opens in "$pringfield", Homer goes into outer space, and several more. Here is my review for season 5.


[*] Indicates a "Season Great"

Homer's Barbershop Quartet: 4/5 Bart and Lisa find an album at a sale with Homer's face on it and Homer tells them about how he become a famous singer.

Cape Feare: 4/5 Sideshow Bob is back to kill Bart, and they decide to move onto a boat. However, Sideshow Bob manages to find and once again nearly kill Bart.

[*]Homer Goes To College: 5/5 Homer has to go to college to learn how to do his real job, and soon becomes a nerd and likes nerds.

Rosebud: 4/5 Mr. Burns becomes depressed and realizes it's because he misses his childhood bear, BoBo, and negotiates with Homer to try and get it back.

Treehouse of Horror IV: 3/5 The fourth THOH has Homer sell his soul for a doughnut, Bart finds a creature on his school bus, and Homer kills vampire Burns.

Marge on the Lam: 4/5 In a spoof of Thelma and Louise, Marge and her friend drive around the country in her friend's ex-husbands stolen car.

Bart's Inner Child: 4/5 A guru helps Bart express his inner child. This episode guest stars James Brown.

[*]Boy Scoutz N Da Hood: 5/5 Bart and Milhouse accidently join the Boy Scouts after getting hungover on a squishee. The end up going on an inflatable raft and get stranded at sea.

Last Temptation Of Homer: 4/5 A new girl, Mindy, works at the power plant and Homer falls in love. Homer decides that he's better off with Marge. This episode guest stars Michelle Pfeifer.

$pringfield: 4/5 Mr. Burns opens a casino in Springfield. Homer works there while Marge has a gambling problem and forgets to help Lisa with a school project.

Homer the Vigalante: 3/5 Homer forms a vigalante group and tries to catch the theif and keep order in Springfield.

[*]Bart Gets Famous: 5/5 Bart becomes famous on the Krusty The Klown show briefly for his phrase "I didn't do it".

[*]Homer And Apu: 5/5 Homer gets sick from a rotten hotdog at the Quik-E-Mart and Apu decides to be the Simpsons' slave. Homer soon helps get Apus job back.

Lisa Vs. Malibu Stacy: 4/5 Lisa creates her own doll to try and show girls hers is better than the stereotypical Malibu Stacy doll.

Deep Space Homer: 4/5 Homer gets to go to space and almost kills him and his crew, but then saves them in the end.

[*]Homer Loves Flanders: 5/5 Homer becomes nice to Flanders to get tickets to a football game. Soon, they are best friends, but by the end, Homer hates Flanders again.

Bart Gets An Elephant: 4/5 Bart wins an elephant over the radio and learns that taking care of it is too hard. He soon realizes Stampy ( the elephants name ) would be better off in a wildlife refuge.

Burns' Heir: 4/5 Bart gets the chance to inherit all of Burns' money after he dies, but refuses to be his heir after Burns tells Bart he wants him to fire his dad from the plant.

[*] Sweet Seymore Skinner's Baadasssss Song: 5/5 Bart gets Skinner fired as principal and he enlists in the army. In the meantime, Ned Flanders becomes school principal, but it soon fired for using religion in school.

The Boy Who Knew Too Much: 4/5 Bart skips school and knows the answer to a questioned crime in Springfield, but fears to admit it, because he will get in trouble because of Principal Skinner.

Lady Bouvier's Lover: 3/5 Marge's mom falls in love with Grampa Simpson, but soon falls in love with Mr. Burns instead.

Secrets of a Successful Marriage: 4/5 Homer teaches a class about how to have a successful marriage, and tells his class secrets about him and Marge. Marge finds out and is outraged. Homer is kicked out of the house but is soon taken in by Marge realizing that Homer really needs her a lot.


The Simpsons Season Five is another really good DVD season with once again several episodes that are classics. This is just another DVD set that you CAN'T DO WITHOUT. I highly recommend you get this season as well; it's very good.


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