Thursday, August 31, 2006

DVD Review ( Beavis and Butthead: The Mike Judge Collection Volume 3 )

Here it is; my final review of the three volumes. Beavis and Butthead (BaB) Volume 3 has quite a few good episodes; in my opinion more-so than volume 2. This volume ( like the others ) features Taint of Greatness Vol. 3, 11 music videos, promos, special appearences, and my favorite feature, the orignal and uncut version of "Frog Baseball"; the first ever BaB episode. This DVD features 42 episodes; not 40 like volumes 1 and 2. Here's my review; I'll review some episodes on the DVD.


[*] Indicates a "DVD Great"

[*]Yard Sale: 5/5 Mr. Anderson lets BaB operate his yard sale while he goes away for a bit. BaB soon sell everything in his house for very little money.

[*]Shopping List: 5/5 Mr. Anderson gives BaB money to goto the store and buy food for his house. However, BaB only get stuff for themselves.

[*]Nosebleed: 4.5/5 Beavis gets a nosebleed and struggles at finding out how to get rid of it. He soon fixes it with a few tampons.

[*]Ding-Dong-Ditch: 5/5 BaB learn how to play ding-dong-ditch; after several failed attempts.

Huh-Huh-Humbug: 4/5 Part 1 of the 2 Christmas episodes. This one features a "Scrooge" mock where the ghosts of Christmas greet Beavis.

[*]Shopping Cart: 5/5 BaB discover getting hurt by someone will make you rich. Intentionally, they try to get hit by cars while in a shopping cart.

Bride Of Butthead: 2/5 Highly forgettable episode; Butthead orders a Russian wife and she soon falls for Todd instead.

Special Delivery: 4/5 BaB are sent by their manager at Burger World to send a delivery to a house. They go to the wrong house.

[*]Buy Beer: 4.5/5 BaB buy non-alcoholic beer and the cops come not knowing it. The cops soon find out that BaB aren't drunk, they're just really stupid.

Canned: 3/5 BaB find a can of root beer and shake it up and wait until the end of the episode; when they open it, nothing happens.

Drinking Butt-ies: 2/5 BaB find Todd drunk at a party and try and find out how to get beer and chicks.

[*]Die, Fly, Die!: 4.5/5 BaB try to kill a fly in their house. They can't kill it, and soon Beavis throws a rock. It goes through the window and several more fly in.

[*]Work Is Death: 4.5/5 At Burger World, BaB find out that getting injured at work and getting sent home will get them still payed; they try to get hurt.

[*]Frog Baseball: 4.5/5 First ever BaB episode; a real classic. The voices are strange for the characters; ESPECIALLY Beavis. BaB find a frog and play baseball with it. They then find a dog then play dog baseball.


I already told you the special features; and they are just as good as before. All-in-all, volume 3 is on par with volume 2. I still think volume 1 is best byfar, but 1 and 3 are still great buys. If you are a fan of the show, definitely pick up volume 3. It's got some classics.


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