Wednesday, August 23, 2006

DVD Review ( The Simpsons: The Complete Seventh Season )

Simpsons Season 7; yet ANOTHER great Simpsons DVD release, with more episodes, more features, and more classics. This season has some good episodes, and some amazing episodes, such as King Size Homer ( one of my all-time favorites ). Here's my review.


[*] Indicates a "Season Great"

[*]Who Shot Mr. Burns? Pt.2: 5/5 In this episode, the question of who shot Mr. Burns is answered, and it's a bit of a surprise suspect.

Radioactive Man: 4.5/5: Radioactive Man the Movie is shot in Springfield and Milhouse gets the part of Fallout Boy.

Home Sweet Home-Dum-Diddly-Doodly: 4/5 Homer and Marge are said to be bad parents and Bart, Lisa and Maggie have to live with Flanders.

[*]Bart Sells His Soul: 5/5 Convinced that souls aren't real, Bart sells his to Milhouse for five bucks. After an array of bad things happen to Bart, he realizes he had better get it back.

[*]Lisa The Vegetarian: 5/5 Lisa meats a cute lamb at a petting zoo and decides that eating meat is wrong.

[*]Treehouse of Horror VI: 5/5 Another classic Treehouse of Horror; and one of my definite favorites. Billboard ads attack Springfield, Groundskeeper Willie attacks kids in their dreams, and Homer gets stuck in the third dimension.

[*]King-Size Homer: 5/5 Hands down my favorite episode of the season. Homer intentionally gains weight so he becomes physically disabled and is allowed to work at home.

Mother Simpson: 2.5/5 Homer finds his Mom and the family wonders where she has been for all the years she abandoned him.

Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming: 2.5/5 Sideshow Bob returns yet again and threatens Springfield with a nuclear weapon.

[*]The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular: 5/5 Troy McLure hosts a special about The Simpsons with deleted scenes, fan mail, alternate endings to Who Shot Mr. Burns, and much more.

[*]Marge Be Not Proud: 5/5 Bart steals from a store and tries his hardest to not let his family know about it.

[*]Team Homer: 5/5 Homer forms his own bowling team because he's fed up with the leagues at the bowling alley.

Two Bad Neighbors: 4/5 George H.W. Bush moves in across the street from The Simpsons and they are instant enemies.

Scenes From The Class Struggle In Springfield: 3.5/5 Marge meets a past highschool classmate and is invited to her house; Marge finds out that she is in an entirely different class than her family.

Bart The Fink: 4/5 Bart tries to get Krustys autograph and it's only a stamp; soon Krusty fakes his death and avoids popularity.

Lisa The Iconoclast: 3/5 Lisa finds out shocking facts about Jebediah Springfield right around the Founder's Day is planned.

[*]Homer The Smithers: 4.5/5 Mr. Burns orders Smithers to take a vacation and Homer takes his place.

The Day The Violence Died: 3.5/5 Bart finds the real creator of Itchy and Scratchy and he gets rich; but Bart learns that he just broke Itchy and Scratchy and there will be no more new episodes.

A Fish Called Selma: 3.5/5 Troy McLure falls in love with Selma, and soon marrys her, to boost his popularity up.

[*]Bart On The Road: 5/5 Bart makes a fake I.D. and uses it to go on a roadtrip with Nelson, Martin, and Milhouse.

[*]22 Short Films About Springfield: 5/5 It is what the title says.

Aged Grampa Simpson And His Grumbling Grandson In: The Curse Of The Flying Hellfish: 3/5 Grampa tells Bart about past World War 2 experiences.

[*]Much Apu About Nothing: 4.5/5 Springfield wants to kick out all immigrants, but Homer defends Apu and says "No on 24".

[*]Homerpalooza: 5/5 Homer gets a job in a group as a traveling freakshow by getting cannon balls shot to the stomach.

[*]Summer Of 4'2'': 5/5 For the Summer, The Simpsons family ( along with Milhouse ) spend a few days at the Flanders beach house.


All in all, these are some of the finest episodes of the entire series. As you can tell by my 14 "Season Greats", I loved this season and I bet you would too. There are some real boring episodes in this season though, such as Mother Simpson, Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming, Scenes From The Class Struggle In Springfield, Lisa The Iconoclast, and The Curse Of The Flying Hellfish. There are few average episodes in this season; they're great or terrible, but with the amount of awesome episodes in this season, it should have any Simpsons fan running out to the store.


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