Thursday, August 03, 2006

DVD Review ( South Park: The Complete Second Season )

Here it is; my review for the second season of South Park. Man is this season full of classics. Like when Cartman finds out his mom is a dude in "Cartman's Mom Is Still A Dirty Slut", and when a chicken f*cker comes to South Park in "Chicken Lover", when Kyle fears for his brother Ike's "fireman" in "Ike's Wee-Wee", you can't for get about "Clubhouses", another season great, plus many more. Here we go.


[*] Indicates a " Season Great "

Not Without My Anus: 5.5/10. This aired on April Fool's day; so instead of telling the fans who Cartman's dad was, they ended up getting ( in my opinion ) the worst episode of the season. In this episode, Terrence and Phillip are framed for murder. Mediocre episode.

[*] Cartman's Mom Is Still A Dirty Slut: 9/10. To everyone's suprise, we find out that Cartman's mom is really his dad. Now if that's not disturbing. This is an excellent episode.

[*] Chicken Lover: 9.5/10. An excellent episode in which a chicken f*cker enters South Park. Officer Barbrady goes to school to learn to read in the side story. Awesome, awesome episode.

[*]Ike's Wee-Wee: 9/10. Kyle learns that Ike is going to get his wiener chopped off. ( Or so he thinks. ) He soon finds out, though, that he's just getting circumsized. In the side story, Mr. Mackey is accused of doing drugs.

Conjoined Fetus Lady: 7.5/10. Kyle, Kenny, Stan and Cartman join a dodgeball team, and learn that Pip is an excellent player.

The Mexican Staring Frog Of Southern Sri Lanka: 7/10. In need to write a paper, Stan asks his Uncle Jimbo what Vietnam was like. Mr. Garrison sends the class to detention for making a false paper. To get back at his Uncle, Stan tapes and sends in video to his Uncle's TV show to make people think the Mexican Staring Frog Of Southern Sri Lanka is real.

City On The Edge Forever: 8/10. The first flashback episode of the series. It includes flashbacks of past episodes, with little twists involved. The busdriver becomes a stand-up comedian.

Summer Sucks: 7/10. The boys find out that fireworks are banned in South Park and become sad. The only thing legal in South Park are "snakes". The city lights the biggest one in the world. Also, Cartman learns to swim.

Chef's Salty Chocolate Balls: 7/10. Chef makes "Salty Chocolate Balls" for a festival that is coming to South Park.

Chickenpox: 7.5/10. The boys' parents decide that it's good for them to get chickenpox at an early age and intentionally send them to Kenny's house to catch it.

Roger Ebert Should Lay Off The Fatty Foods: 7.5/10. The boys at South Park soon get a habit of going to the planetarium, and the town soon finds out why.

[*]Clubhouses: 9/10. Stan and Kyle start building a treehouse to play truth or dare. Cartman soon does, too, and Stan's parents get divorced. Finally, after a drought of bad episodes, a good one shines.

Cow Days: 8.5/10. The annual Cow Days festival comes to South Park and makes for another great episode. Cartman gets hurt and thinks he's a prostitute, and the boys put their balls in Jennifer Love Hewitt's mouth.

Chef Aid: 7/10. Chef finds out that a song he wrote was stolen and the boys take his defense. In the side story, somebody starts attacking Mr. Twig.

Spooky Fish: 8.5/10. Stan's Aunt gives him a fish that kills people and nobody believes Stan when he says the fish is doing it. The boys decide they have to get rid of it.

Merry Christmas, Charlie Manson: 8.5/10. Cartman's uncle and his friend Charlie Manson escape from prison. Charlie Manson after watching "How The Poo Stole Christmas", decides that being good is better than being bad and changes his ways.

Gnomes: 8/10. Mr. Garrison gives groups of five an assignment ( Kenny, Kyle, Stan, Cartman, and... Tweek ) about something going on in the world. Tweek's dad writes them a paper, while a coffee shop is being built to his.

Prehistoric Iceman: 8.5/10 Kyle and Stan discover an iceman that was frozen in 1996. In belief that if Steve/Gorak ( the iceman ) goes free, he will be frightened by the future, so he puts him in an exhibit that only has stuff released in 1996.


South Park: The Complete Second Season no doubt has classic episodes, but it also has stinkers. For the most part, most episodes are just "okay", but some just dazzle. The set itself also has a few problems. First, there is still no commentary, ( That starts in Season 3 ) and Second, in the start of the episodes in which Matt and Trey open them, the sound is really quiet, but when the episode starts it gets extremely load, which is very annoying. Also another thing I didn't understand, is why Matt and Trey stopped opening episodes after the episode "Clubhouses", I believe it was. All in all, South Park: The Complete Second Season should still be bought by South Park fanatics. There are some great episodes here.

Bonus Features ( On disc 3 ):
"Chocolate Salty Balls" Music Video: 6.5/10. A boring video that serves no purpose.
Goin' Down To South Park Documentary: 9/10. A pretty interesting documentary on how the show got started, and what it's like in society. Well worth watching.


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