Monday, August 28, 2006

Game Review ( Tony Hawk's American Wasteland - 360 )

Talk about a disappointment, and a waste of money. Tony Hawk's American Wasteland (THAW) rolls onto the 360 in a disappointing way; and for several reason. Here is my review for THAW.

Graphics: 6/10. One of several let-downs. The graphics look absolutely no different than the PS2 or Xbox versions of the game. There may be a few more and better textures in this game, but the graphics are just terrible.

Sound: 6/10. It's the same exact game that was the PS2 and Xbox game. Same soundtrack, same exact story with no different lines; this game is exactly the same.

Control: 7/10. The control is fine. Just like the Xbox version. I played this game on the PS2 version and the controls are extremely similar. Anyone can use them.

Fun: 6/10. Like I already said, this is a straight up copy of the past THAW games. Nothing is different. The graphics look very much the same, the soundtrack is the same, there aren't even much more features in this game than the others as far as different boards or clothes. This is definitely not worth your money. It's the same game as before, just with a $60 price tag. This game isn't really BAD if you haven't played THAW at all, but if you played a different version of THAW, it's the exact same game.


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