Monday, August 28, 2006

DVD Review ( Drake and Josh: Suddenly Brothers Volume 1 )

Drake and Josh is my favorite show on Nickelodeon. Even though there are no DVD season boxsets out yet, this DVD came out in early 2005 and I bought it. Here is my review ( I have no life ).

[*] Indicates a "DVD Great"


[*]Pilot: 4.5/5 This is the first episode of the series. Drake and Josh become step brothers and Drake realizes that Josh is a real loser in school. In a case of mistaken identity, Josh has to fight a "jealous boyfriend".

[*]Dune Buggy: 4.5/5 Drake and Josh get a dune buggy from Drake's friend, Trevor, but find out that it doesn't run. After getting it fixed, Drake and Josh aren't allowed to even drive it. Josh gets grounded for lying because of Drake, and Drake takes the dune buggy for a ride regardless. He crashes into a tree and tries to hide his injuries.

Two Idiots And A Baby: 4/5 Josh volunteers to babysit, but Drake abandons the baby to play a concert with his band. Josh soon loses the baby and looks tirelesly around the house for him. Soon, Meghan reveals that she had it the whole time and nobody knows what happened.

[*]First Crush: 4.5/5 Josh promises to play a birthday song on guitar at a girls birthday party. Having no idea how to play it, he has Drake teach him, but the strings on the guitar snap. Drake comes up with a plan that makes Josh look like he's playing it but he really isn't.

Special Features: Outtakes: 5/5 On this DVD there are 8 minutes of outtakes. They are pretty good, too, and are well worth watching. Makes the DVD all more worth the money.


Overall, this is an excellent DVD. The quality for some reason is furry-like on the episodes, but the episodes are still great. It has some of the first episodes of this great series. I really think you should buy it. Since it is from the first season, you will notice some things. First, the whole entire house looks different; especially Drake and Josh's room. The door doesn't even face the same way, and the whole room looks different entirely. You will also notice some "slip-ups" by the director, but you'll forgive them. You should really buy this DVD if you are a Drake and Josh fan. It's really just a bummer there are only 4 episodes and there hasn't been a new volume to this for about a year and a half now.


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