Monday, August 28, 2006

Why Family Guy Sucks...

I've always been against Family Guy. An unfunny show, with jokes that aren't relevant to the plot. Give me a break. The writing is terrible. Every joke in this show comes from something else; Family Guy can't come up with any jokes of its own. This show is just terrible. Like I said, no originality, horrible story writing, and pathetic episodes are what a show needs to suck. That's what Family Guy is. A real show is a show like The Simpsons, where their jokes ARE relevant to the plot, the stories ARE interesting and creative, and the originality is GREAT. Sure, the show may have gotten a little less awesome, but the show is still great. Family Guy just needs to stop. This is a Simpsons rip-off with a few more dirty jokes. Who cares? Anybody at any age can easily make up a joke like that and make anybody laugh. The Simpsons on the other hand has sticked to its roots since episode one and still does well; proving that a show doesn't have to be funny by swearing or using sex jokes. Family Guy is a pathetic show. A show that sucks beyond all belief. A show that in no way at all should be used in the same sentence as the phrase "The Simpsons" and "Great". Family Guy is a terrible show. A terrible show. The Simpsons is an amazing show. An amazing show.

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