Wednesday, August 23, 2006

DVD Review ( The Simpsons: The Complete Sixth Season )

And yet ANOTHER Simpsons season review; this time season 6. This is one of my all-time favorite seasons, with some extremely good episodes. Bart of Darkness, Lisa's Rival, Itchy and Scratchy Land, Treehouse of Horror V, Bart's Girlfriend. Lisa On The Ice, and several more. Here is my review for the great Simpsons Season Six.


[*] Indicates a "Season Great"

[*]Bart of Darkness: 5/5 A great start to a great season. The Simpsons family gets a pool, but Bart breaks his leg. He witnesses Ned Flanders murdering Maude Flanders. ( Or did he? )

[*]Lisa's Rival: 4.5/5 A new girl comes to Springfield that is smarter than Lisa. Competition follows.

Another Simpsons Clip Show: 3/5 The Simpsons flashback on past love experiences each of them had.

[*]Itchy And Scratchy Land: 5/5 The Simpsons family goes on a trip to Itchy And Scratchy Land and find out it's more like hell instead of heaven.

Sideshow Bob Roberts: 3/5 Kelsey Grammar returns as Sideshow Bob and this time Sideshow Bob runs for mayor.

[*]Treehouse Of Horror V: 5/5 This is one of the best Treehouse Of Horrors. This one features "The Shinning" , " Time and Punishment " , and "Nightmare Cafeteria ".

[*]Bart's Girlfriend: 5/5 Bart falls in love with Reverend Lovejoy's daughter.

[*] Lisa on the Ice: 5/5 Lisa is drafted as a goalie for Apu's team in hockey and soon has to face Bart's team.

Homer Badman: 4/5 Homer gets accused of sexual harassment when all he was trying to do was grab a gummy bear.

Grampa Vs. Sexual Inadequacy: 4/5 Grampa invents a love tonic that helps people become for frisky in the pants.

Fear of Flying: 2/5 In this dud of an episode, ( In my opinion ) we find out that Marge has a fear of being on planes.

Homer The Great: 4/5 Homer joins The Stonecutters and finds out that he is the chosen one.

And Maggie Makes Three: 4/5 Homer and Marge tell Bart, Lisa, and Maggie how Maggie was born.

[*]Bart's Comet: 4.5/5 Bart ( by chance ) discovers a comet coming toward Springfield.

Homie The Clown: 4/5 Krusty the Klown opens a clown college and Homer decides to join in.

[*]Bart Vs. Australia: 5/5 Bart has to go to Australia to apollogize for a huge phone bill, and he also finds out he has to get kicked in the bum.

Homer Vs. Patty and Selma: 4/5 Homer has to do everything Patty and Selma say because they payed for Homers mortgage.

A Star Is Burns: 4/5 Springfield hosts a film festival.

Lisa's Wedding: 3.5/5 At a festival, Lisa learns what her future will be like from a fortune teller.

[*]Two Dozen and One Greyhounds: 5/5 Santa's Little Helper has steamy sex with another dog and she has 25 puppies.

The PTA Disbands: 4/5 The teachers at the elementary school in Springfield go on strike.

'Round Springfield: 3.5/5 Lisa finds out Bleeding Gums Murphy is in the hospital and he soon dies.

[*]The Springfield Connection: 4.5/5 Marge becomes a police officer.

[*]Lemon of Troy: 5/5 Bart and his friends declare "war" on Shelbyville after their lemon tree had been stolen.

[*]Who Shot Mr. Burns? Pt. 1: 5/5 Mr. Burns tries to block out the sun from Springfield and he gets shot. But by who?


The Simpsons: The Complete Sixth Season is just one outstanding season with more classic episodes than any other on DVD right now. As you can see, I declared 12 a "Season Great", when on average there are only about 6. If you have money for only one Simpsons season, and you don't know which to buy, definitely buy Season 6.

People often complain about how the packaging of the Homer head is cheap and crappy. Well, instead of whining, they could do something about it. All you have to do is goto and buy the standard Simpsons box; that simple, and it will only cost you a couple of bucks. Buy this season. You'll be glad you did.


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