Monday, January 29, 2007

Hardware Review ( Xbox 360 Wireless Headset )

I bought one of these instead of getting a wired one after finding out that the wired headsets break often and quite easily. My first impression when I opened up the box for this thing was pretty much "Wow". The headset is absolutely tiny. It is maybe 3.5 inches long and it looked strange. I quickly attempted to use it, only to find out the headset ( for whatever reason ) wouldn't work on my 360. I called EB Games and they said to call customer service, so I did. They said " It's an uncommon problem, but it does happen to some people. You should just return it for a new one and it should work." Yeah. SHOULD work. I got another one, came back, still no luck. My problem was that whenever I turned on my headset, it would go to the first ring of light. But when I turned my wireless controller on, it would move it to the second ring of light, and I could never get both on the same ring. The wired controller worked fine with the wireless headset, but not the wireless controller.

Overall, the thing looks pretty cool, but for whatever reason, doesn't work well. It has an 8 hour rechargable battery life, ( Which is long, but not long enough for HARDCORE gamers. ) The headset doesn't even feel right on your ear. When you move your head, it feels like it will fall off. The headset isn't reliable, either. Another flaw with it is that it doesn't pick up sound as well, and the sound coming out of the headset is kind of grainy and sounds strange. I really don't recommend the 360 Wireless Headset. You are much better off with the $20 "wired" headset, and just use that instead. They may be fragile, but the $60 headset just isn't worth it.

Not Recommended


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