Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Game Review ( Elite Beat Agents - DS )

Graphics: 4.25/5 Elite Beat Agents ( EBA ) doesn't have the best graphics of all the DS games, but they sure are good. The comic book anime look is really vivid and colorful. The agents themselves during the songs look kinda blocky, but they aren't too bad.

Sound: 4.75/5 There are 19 songs in this game, I believe, 3 of which are unlocked. The covers for the songs for the most part aren't great, but they are good. Guitar Hero 1/2 certainly have better covers, but this game is still pretty good.

Control: 4.75/5 The control in this game is certainly different. The object of the game is to tap the objects in beat, in sequence, and on time for more points. Sounds simple? Believe me when I say it's not. Great control, but it seems that sometimes the notes are off with the song somewhat.

Fun: 4.5/5 EBA is a solid DS game and one of the better titles to come out for awhile. The game is completely random and unique, but a lot of fun. Every console has their music/rhythm game, and for the DS, this is it. This is a great game that may get over looked by most adults. You can get your rank up to unlock the secret songs, and you can play co-op or against a friend. Sadly there are only 19 songs, but at the end of the credits it says "To Be Continued..." so we'll see if a sequel is coming - hopefully soon.

Best thing about Elite Beat Agents: The fact that the songs are so random and that they are set in random stages.

Worst thing about Elite Beat Agents: Not even 20 songs!

Note: I'm sure you'll find Canned Heat familiar; it's from Napoleon Dynamite's dancing scene in the movie Napoleon Dynamite.


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