Monday, January 08, 2007

DVD Review ( Family Guy: Volume 1 )


[*] Indicates a "Season Great"


[*] Death Has A Shadow: 4.5/5 Peter gets drunk and has a hangover, leading to him getting fired from work. Peter eventually gets $150,000 a week from the government accidently. While in court, Stewie gets Peter off the hook with a mind control device.

[*]I Never Met The Dead Man: 4.5/5 Lois has Peter stop watching TV and spend more time with his family. Peter teaches Meg to drive, meanwhile, Stewie devises a plan to stop the growth of broccoli everywhere.

Chitty Chitty Death Bang: 4/5 Meg meets a friend that is actually a member of a cult; Peter lets Meg go out for Stewie's birthday; Stewie gets his birthday confused.

[*]Mind Over Murder: 4.5/5 Stewie suffers over teething; Peter punches what he thinks is a man at a soccer game; Lois sings in her basement at Peter's bar.

A Hero Sits Next Door: 4/5 Peter injures a baseball player, and it's up to him to get a new one. He finds a new baseball player that is in a wheel-chair, who turns out to be really good. Since the cripal gets all the attention, Peter tries to prevent a robbery at the Quahog bank.

The Son Also Draws: 3.75/5 While on their way to New York to get Chris back in the scouts, the family stops at a casino where Lois bets her car at a slot machine. Peter learns Chris hates the scouts, but has a liking for drawing.

[*]Brian: Portrait Of A Dog: 4.5/5 Brian refuses to do what Peter says in a dog show, and leaves the Griffin's house. Becoming a stray, he gets taken downtown where he is scheduled to be put to sleep. Peter gives a speech, and Brian gets off the hook.


Family Guy Season 1 is a pretty good start to a good show. Although the episodes are nothing compared to what they would be in later years, this was not a bad season by any means.

- More reviews as I watch the episodes. -

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