Sunday, January 14, 2007

Game Review ( Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam )

Tony Hawk hits the Wii for the first time in a game that is probably the worst of all the Tony Hawk games.

Graphics: 3/5 THDJ does not look good. It can easily be compared to an early generation PS2 or Xbox game - Tony Hawk's Proskater 3 looks better than this game. THDJ is colorful, but bland, and levels that should be fun aren't because they are short, and boring to look at.

Sound: 3.5/5 The only decent part of this game is the sound. It has a decent soundtrack ( for the Scream-O fans ) and that's just about all it has. The voiceovers are nothing spectacular, either, therefore leaving the sound damn near mediocre.

Control: 3.25/5 Many Wii owners or players have commented on this games unique and effective controls - what game are they playing? You will find yourself struggling to control your skater and avoid from hitting walls. The controls are pretty atrocious - they need a lot of work.

Fun: 2.75/5 THDJ is just not a fun game in any way for a fan of the series. There are quite a few skaters to play as, ( No professionals except for Tony Hawk ) there's a nice selection of levels, ( though they are very short for the most part ) a decent selection of skateboards, ( no name brands what-so-ever ) among many other flaws. The best thing about THDJ is that there is a lot of customizing you can do. But you will find ( more likely than not ) yourself spending more time customizing your character than playing the game itself. I'm very dissapointed in THDJ and I hope the next installment will improve upon - well - everything.


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