Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Game Review ( Sonic the Hedgehog - 360 )

Sonic the Hedgehog is finally making his first appearance on the next generation consoles, and we were all hoping for a huge turn around. Sonic's games have sucked to say the least since Sonic the Hedgehog 3.

Graphics: 2/5 The intro looks great. The graphics shine and look really next-gen. The in-game cut scenes don't look too bad most of the time, but the graphics look terrible in-game. Sonic and the gang don't look too bad, but the surroundings ( especially in the main city itself ) look mediocre to say the least. There is little to look at, the city is a desert town, the people you talk to look terrible, and everything is god awful. Not to mention there are quite a few glitches, ( You will sometimes get stuck on a wall and be unable to move at times ) and the framerate drops really low at times. The load times are also long as hell - I'd like to know why! Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the worst looking 360 games to date.

Sound: 1.5/5 Oh by god. Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, Silver, Shadow, and the others all offer terrible voice overs. Tails is byfar, though, the absolute worst. Also, when you talk to someone in town they always make the same annoying grunt noise depending on age and gender. You will constantly hear an old man grunt, woman grunt, man grunt, or little kid grunt, which is really aggrivating. There aren't any voiceovers for the civilians, either. ( Thank god. ) The background music is also pretty stupid and pointless. This game plays better on mute.

Control: 2/5 The control is what I thought was the worst part of the game in the demo, but now that I've played the full version, I find it is best. ( It still is terrible. ) The characters are very twitchy and sensitive to the slightest movement, meaning you will result in many deaths that aren't even your fault. The camera is adjustable, but useless, because the map in this game is useless. It doesn't rotate when you do, and it's somewhat difficult trying to know where you're going. My advice: don't bother with the map. Fend for yourself.

Fun: 2/5 There is very little to say what's good about this game. The only real thing I can think of is that it's a Sonic game. I love Sonic. I hate his games he's made in the last decade, though. You play as Sonic at first, but you eventually unlock the ability to play as Silver and Shadow on seperate stories. You can play as Tails at times, too. There is offline multiplayer in this game, but it is pointless, since the game isn't fun to begin with. The only person that could possibly want to play this game is a little kid, or a nerd addicted to achievement points. And if you can get all of the achievement points in this game without hanging yourself, I salute you, because this game is just that bad.


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