Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Hardware Review ( DS Lite - Onyx Black )

The DS Lite came out in about the Summer of '06 in the U.S. and was released to replace the old somewhat clunky and heavy original Nintendo DS. My review.

Pros: About 40% smaller than the original DS, longer battery life, more brightness levels, sexy, shiny, has a hollow/blank cartridge used to fill the empty GBA game slot, thicker stylus.

Cons: Buttons could use some work and feel somewhat broken, looks like Finger Print City on the Onyx Black version, GBA games stick out a little bit from the bottom of the Lite, contains no wrist strap.

Overall, the DS Lite isn't a bad pick up. It costs $129.99 and if you don't already have a DS, this is surely the one to get. Although there are some annoying little flaws with it, you will get used to them. I give the DS Lite:


Nice improvement over the original Nintendo DS.

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