Friday, January 05, 2007

Game Review ( Pacman - iPod Video )

Graphics: 4.25/5 I realize this is just a cheap little game made for the iPod, but the graphics shine on the iPod Video. The colors look bright and really sharp, making the game look outstanding.

Sound: 3/5 Same bleeps and bloops, but with a little bit of a downgrade. You hear nothing besides that.

Control: 3.5/5 The control takes some getting used to. Instead of making hard clicks with the clickwheel up,down,left, and right, you have to scroll by rotating the wheel. It's not too bad, but I think Apple wanted to be cool, and I think they failed. This control scheme will have you dying quite a bit.

Fun: 3.25/5 Pacman for the iPod Video is good in a few ways. It has some really nice graphics, and high scores, but the fact that you get 3 free continues after dying defeats the purpose is ridiculous. Also, the controls are far from good, and the $5 price tag is just a rip-off. I recommend ( unless you're a fan of the original ) you stay away from this game. It's not good.


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