Thursday, January 04, 2007

DVD Review ( Full House: Season 1 )

Full House gets off to people as a "kiddy show", and maybe it is, but it's a great show to stray away from other shows of more adult humor. Full House has some annoying "bonding" scenes, but the show still has some great actors, making for a really fun show for anyone accepting of the shows attitude to watch and enjoy.


[*] Indicates a "Season Great"

[*] Our Very First Show: 4.5/5 Danny's mom moves out; Jessie and Joey move in; DJ moves into the garage because she wants her own room instead of sharing with Stephanie.

Our Very First Night: 4.25/5 Jesse lets the girls stay up late, and they order pizza and have ice cream.

The First Day Of School: 4.25/5 Stephanie gets nervous about her first day of school; DJ doesn't want to be in the smart class.

[*] The Return Of Grandma: 4.5/5 Danny's mom refuses to clean up his and everyone elses mess; Jesse says a turtle saved his life.

Sea Cruise: 4/5 Danny tries to go on a "manly trip" by going fishing with the guys, but the captain of the ship isn't a guy;Danny gets mad at Caroline and Jesse gets mad at Roxanne.

[*] Daddy's Home: 4.5/5 Father/Daughter day goes great for the Tanner's until it ends; Danny realizes Michelle doesn't even know that he is her dad; Joey takes Jesse's motorcycle out for a ride and changes his style.

Knock Yourself Out: 4.25/5 Jessie and Joey try to take care of Michelle while she is sick, and find it not as easy as it seems.

[*]Jessie's Girl: 4.5/5 Corinna finds Joey attractive, and kisses him, but Jessie doesn't know that Corinna likes Joey and not him.

[*]The Miracle of Thanksgiving: 4.75/5 The whole family has difficulty trying to celebrate Thanksgiving without Pam.

[*]Joey's Place: 5/5 Joey feels neglected from the family, and get's frustrated with everyone ignoring him. Little does he know, Dan and Jessie have a surprise for him.

[*]The Big Three-O: 5/5 Danny is worried about turning... turning... 30 in this episode. Bullet takes a swim, and Jessie and Joey try to get Danny a new car.

[*]Our Very First Promo: 5/5 The family believes there is a monster in the house, and Jessie searches to find out what it is. Danny and his family get interviewed for a TV show, but his family is completely set up.

[*]Sisterly Love: 4.5/5 DJ attempts to get the role in an "Oats Boats" commercial, but Stephanie gets the part instead, and a feud starts between them.

Half A Love Story: 4/5 Jesse meets a woman that shows up at Danny's house.

[*]A Pox In Our House: 4.75/5 Some of the Tanner's get chicken pox. Will D.J. ditch a slumber party to babysit for Danny?

But Seriously, Folks: 4/5 Joey ditches comedy; D.J. decides she doesn't want to learn how to play the guitar.

[*]Danny's Very First Date: 4.5/5 Danny decides to go out on a date, but D.J. and Stephanie wonder if Danny still loves their mom.

[*]Just One Of The Guys: 5/5 D.J.'s cousin comes over for a visit, but she discovers he's grown up and doesn't want to do anything she wants to do.

The Seven Month Itch (Pt.1): 4.25/5 Jesse feels trapped in "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood", and decides that he should move out.

[*]The Seven Month Itch (Pt.2): 4.75/5 Jesse gets a phone call from D.J. and Stephanie about Michelle being sick, so he rushes home to find out it was a lie that the girls told to have him stay at the house.

[*]Mad Money: 4.5/5 Danny reminds Joey of a time he gave some money to him, but never got payed back; Jesse dresses up as Elvis and sings on stage.

[*]D.J. Tanner's Day Off: 4.5/5 D.J. finds a way to cut school to go and get Stacy Q's autograph with Kimmy. While out to get an autograph for her, Joey finds D.J. and takes her home.


Although Full House: Season 1 starts with less than spectacular episodes, the middle and later episodes are absolutely phenomenal and just scratch the surface of how great Full House really is. Virtually every episode from beginning to the end of the season teach a life lesson, and the stories for the most part are really good, especially thanks to Dan Cloutier and John Stamos for excellent acting. Anyone and everyone should sit down and watch Full House, anyone that has a soul will find the show is a great stray from TV shows full of violence, or swearing, and shows life lessons, and some witty humor. Full House is a great show for the whole family. Season 1 is just a great start to a freakishly underrated TV series.


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