Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hardware Review ( Skullcandy Earbuds )

Today I had to buy new headphones for my iPod, since the stock ones broke, as well as my old PSP ones. I decided to buy these ones. They were comewhat pricy at $31, but they looked cool, and I heard good things about them.

Appearance: 5/5 From what I saw at Best Buy, they only have black and white headphones. I got the white ones since my iPod is already black. Anyway, they look pretty cool for earbuds. They are shaped nicely, and appear to be well made. The 'phones come with a few extra rubber ear piece things, for people with bigger or smaller ears.

Performance: 5/5 Can't ask for much more. The cord is plenty long enough, actually almost too long at I believe 1.2 meters. These are pretty unique ear buds. Instead of being placed inside the ear and nesting there, these ones have a rubber doo-hicky at the end, and you shove them in your ear so they don't fall out. Your ears may pop, but it's worth it - it basically works like an ear plug, with only the music going into your ear, which is really cool. They are very comfortable as well. Another thing some people may be happy about is that there is a volume slider switch in the middle of the wire, so you can turn up and down your music as you please without having to reach into your pocket and adjust it from there. ( It looks like you're doing something else when you do that, anyway. ;] ) Better yet, your iPod can be on "hold", and you can still adjust the volume with the headphones. You can absolutely blast music LOUD out of these things.

Overall: 5/5 Virtually perfect headphones/earbuds, but it's either a love them or hate them situation. Some people may really hate the fact they go so far into your ear, and others may really like it. I think you know what my opinion is. You'll hear your music better than ever, they look cool, they come with a few extra supplies, including a case to put your headphones/earbuds away at anytime if neccessary as well. I don't think people that don't use Q-Tips would want to use these, as they can pick up some earwax when you take them out, and/or oil. Thankfully, I do use Q-Tips. The 'phones are about $31, so they aren't cheap, but I think they're worth it. If you need new 'phones, try and get these ones.

Highly Recommended.

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