Saturday, October 13, 2007

Game Review ( Guitar Hero 2 My Chemical Romance Pack - 360 Arcade )


My Chemical Romance Pack
"Famous Last Words" - My Chemical Romance
"Teenagers" - My Chemical Romance
"This Is How I Disapeer" - My Chemical Romance


The My Chemical Romance Pack was released August 14th at the familiar price of 500 MSP, and just over a month after the fourth track pack was released for download. This is the first pack released on Xbox Live that doesn't feature Guitar Hero songs. I was pretty stunned to see that they were My Chemical Romance songs. One, because I was, like others, expecting Guitar Hero I songs, and second, I don't particularily care for My Chemical Romance. Here's my review. Sorry if it's hella long.


"Famous Last Words": 4.5/5 I might be rating this a little high, but it's a good song. The song is very catchy, but it's a song that isn't very Guitar Hero-esque. It's mainly constant chords, with a pretty easy guitar solo. It's also pretty long, clocking in at over 5 minutes, and it's repetitive. A lot of surprising fun in this song though.

"Teenagers": 4.25/5 A very easy song. "Teenagers" has a few hoppy chords and what-not, but it's an easy song that a beginner to Guitar Hero's Expert mode could probably beat. It's a good song though with lyrics that will probably be stuck in your head one time or another.

"This Is How I Disappear": 4/5 Good song, but strains the hands of many down strummers, like myself. It's not necessarily difficult, but your strumming hand will likely be sore by the end of the song. It is much like "Famous Last Words", in that it is mostly chords.


So what do I think of this pack? It's worth the 500 points. There could have been better songs available for download besides these, but these songs are different, and they are pretty catchy and fun to play for the most part. Still, if you have a computer, and the Xplorer guitar for the 360, you should download Frets on Fire. It's Guitar Hero for the computer, and you can download these songs and play them for free. Although it's just not as much fun. No leaderboards, and you can't downstrum at all. But like I said, worth the points, definitely should be bought. MCR fan or not, download it if you haven't already.


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