Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Game Review ( Halo 3 - 360 ) -Review #2-

It's now been a week since I've had Halo 3... it was definitely a quick week. Now that I've beaten campaign and played well over 100 matches on Xbox Live, this is my final opinion on Halo 3 for the 360.

Graphics: 4.5/5 Far from what they could be. Halo 3 shines in some areas, but in others, it just looks like an average 360 title. The character models look very well done, and the lighting is really amazing, but some of the textures are a little off, and just don't look quite as good as other games on the system, such as the nearly year old Gears of War. Still, the game lags very little to none in most matches online, no matter how much chaos is going on. That is definitely a solid plus. Many people complained about the graphics big time saying they looked "too much like Halo 2"... what game are they playing? Halo 3 looks much better and sharper than Halo 2. There is virtually no comparison.

Sound: 5/5 Just as good as Halo 2, actually, maybe a bit better. Some of the guns, such as the SMG, sounded different in Halo 2, but everything sounds super good. The explosions, rest of the guns, the music... everything about it. Simply adds to the experience.

Control: 4.75/5 A little switched up for the 360 to play better on the 360 controller. At first, I kept pressing X to reload, and I drained some health, dropped random bubble shields and whatnot for quite awhile. But after a little while, I got really used to the controls, and they work quite naturally really. I still think I prefer Halo 2's controls, though.

Fun: 5/5 This 5/5 may be awfully generous, for several reasons. First of all, the campaign won't last you long at all. Even on Legendary, it should only take you 7 or so hours on average if you play with a few friends. Also, the matchmaking is severely flawed. You'll be seeing yourself playing a LOT of Shotty/Snipers and the same maps over and over again. It's actually an amazing feeling when you play a map that you don't normally see in matchmaking just because you do usually play the same 4 or 5 maps constantly. Still, this game is Halo. It will keep most players playing for a very long time. Although the maps after awhile do get old (the ones you play a bajillion times a day) you can always play a custom match, or fool around on Forge, in which you can have you and a few friends fiddle with stuff on maps. If you mess around enough, you may find out you can actually play Mario Kart Double Dash Halo 3 style on Mongooses, as well as baseball. Halo 3 is just an epic game that everyone knows about, gamer or not, and even though it might have been overhyped, it was worth the wait. Halo 3 is a very well done game.


Online co-op.
It's Halo 3.

Some may be unimpressed with the graphics.
Relatively short campaign.
Matchmaking needs to get fixed by Bungie.
Only 11 maps, some of which are recycled from Halo 2, just spiffied up to look different.

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