Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Game Review ( The Simpsons Road Rage - Xbox )

Graphics: 4/5 For a 2001 Xbox game, it looks very good for the most part. The characters look good, the vehicles you drive in look great, and the environments look okay. It really varies. A bigger problem in this game is the framerate. You can definitely tell when there are a lot of cars on screen. But like I said, for an early Xbox game, this game looks mostly fantastic.

Sound: 4/5 If you play Road Rage a lot, you'll realize that there are a LOT of repeated lines between characters. Still though, it's great to hear new bits of audio from characters from the show, as well as stuff from episodes in the show. Really, there's nothing to hate here. Besides repetitive dialogue here and there, the cars all sound different. Everything is above average.

Control: 3.75/5 Very simple controls with two different schemes. I prefer the RT to drive, LT to brake/reverse. Cool enough, each character's car controls differently, and pretty realistically. Otto's bus has slow acceleration and turns terribly, while a car like Bart's Honor Roller goes really fast and has wicked tight turns. It's just that some cars surpass others and are much better. Basically, the cars are unbalanced. You'll find yourself playing with the same car over and over again after a few plays.

Fun: 4/5 This score may seem high, but since the game has (for quite awhile) fallen to $20, or even less if you find it on sale, and just makes it all the more worth getting. This isn't necessarily a game to play for a long period of time straight, but more for 30-60 minutes of play at a time - it just gets a repetitive. This is just a great game. Better than the game it "ripped-off", Crazy Taxi. That's all it is, just with Simpsons characters, and it's a lot of fun, especially since there are a lot of different locations that you drop and pick characters off at that are in the show. The "Missions" are pure jokes, though. There are only ten of them, and you get nothing for completing them, and they should only take 30 minutes or so to beat them all. When you play the "Road Rage" mode, you get money that you can use to buy cars and starting locations, which adds to the playability. There is also a mode where you can drive around by yourself and explore, which is pretty cool, and you can also play head-to-head with a friend. For $20, and if you're a Simpsons fan, this is just a must buy - moreso because it can be played on the Xbox 360.


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