Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Game Review ( The Simpsons Game DEMO - 360 )

Graphics: 5/5 Your style or not, these graphics are cel-shaded, and the best The Simpsons can look on the 360. Sure, some edges might be sharpened, but this is the best it gets. The animation and everything is good, too.

Sound: 5/5 In the demo, Harry Shearer, Nancy Cartwright, and Dan Caselenetta, do a great job with the voices. Some lines you can hear are right from the show, and you'll know if you watch it a lot.

Control: 3.5/5 I'm being generous with a 3.5. The controls are actually quite terrible. The camera wobbles sometimes for no reason, running around corners is sometimes a pain, and walking on little ledges is difficult because you can easil fall off. The camera angles aren't the only thing that suck. The auto-aim system does too. If you look at something and try to auto-aim with LT, you won't necessary lock-on to the thing you're aiming at, which is really frustrating.

Fun: 3.5/5 I expect much better come release. The game looks and sounds fantastic, but the controls almost ruin it. Being a huge Simpsons fan, I'd hate to see The Simpsons next-gen first appearence be a far less than impressive one.


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