Sunday, October 07, 2007

Game Review ( Bomberman LIVE: Bomb-Up Pack #2 - 360 )

The second Bomberman pack was released a few weeks ago now, but I just decided to buy it because... what the hell, it was only 200 MSP. Anyway, this pack is much like the first. It adds some more clothes, two new arenas, and one new mode. I personally think the clothes included in this pack are much better than the first, and you can now make better looking combinations of clothes. For instance, an old man ballerina, or a pimp. The two new arenas aren't what they say in the description. Instead of the maps being Speed Racer and Dreamland, they are Full Tilt and Medieval Times. Both maps are quite interesting. Medieval Times is much like High Stakes from BUP #1 because it can have anything played in it. This pack also includes what are called Bomb Shelters, which sound like they'd be a cool addition, but instead, really aren't. Actually, they're stupid and pointless. Bomb Shelters can be included on any map, (excluding Plundering Isles ) and I don't know what they are used for. They don't protect you from bombs or do anything to save you. The only thing I think they do is make it harder for players to see where you're at, which is completely useless in 1-on-1 games. One final thing I have to point out is that Hudson glitched this pack. In order to use the new costumes in this pack, you have to have downloaded the first one, too, which is a bummer for people that didn't do that. Bomberman LIVE BUP #2 isn't quite as good as the first, but it's cheaper, and has better costumes. It's just quite a shame that very few people even still play Bomberman LIVE, otherwise this pack would be more worth getting. But at 200 MSP, it isn't like you're throwing money away. You're only paying a little over two dollars here. The pack isn't spectacular, as you are only getting two new arenas, useless Bomb Shelters and some new clothes, but It's hard to not recommend, especially for Bomberman fans.


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