Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Game Review ( The Simpsons Bowling - Arcade )

A few months back I got to play this game at the arcade. This will be a rarity that I review an arcade game.

Graphics: 4/5 Having been released in 2000, I thought the game looked mighty impressive. The bowling lane is the same all the time, it looks like Barney's Bowl-O-Rama from the show, and the characters look pretty decent, too.

Sound: 3.5/5 The characters occasionally say a few words here and there, but that's it. Then it's just the bowl rolling, and the pins falling.

Control: 4/5 Pretty simple controls. You move your character into the position you want and roll the ball as fast or as slow as you want, pretty cool. You use what is called a TrackBall - I'm sure most arcade players have used it before. it's a ball that's half in the table and half out, and you use it to roll the ball.

Fun: 4/5 For 25c or 50c for six frames (depending on where you live) this is well worth it. The game lasts a decent amount of time, and it's a pretty good arcade game. Definitely worth a few plays.

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