Thursday, August 30, 2007

Game Review ( Bomberman LIVE: Bomb-Up Pack #1 - 360 )

Bomberman LIVE has been out on the XBLA for just over a month now, and downloadable content has been released. In this pack, there is one new game mode, "Most Frags", in which the player with the most frags, wins. There are also two new levels. "High Stakes", and "Zeppelin". In "High Stakes", you play on what seems to be a poker table. You can use any arena feature you want on it. On "Zeppelin", you're playing on a zeppelin, with mini tornadoes moving throughout the level. If you walk into one or one hits you, you get stunned until it goes away. Both are fun, but I think Zeppelin is the better level because the tornadoes really add to the experience, especially since they move all over the level. In addition to those features, there are also 10 new characters, including a rabbit, alien, dinosaur, devil, and many more. Note that these costumes automatically go to your shop, and you don't have to pick up costume balls to get them. All-in-all, the Bomberman LIVE: Bomb-Up Pack #1, I'd say, is worth the money only for a serious Bomberman fan. The two levels are definitely a welcome addition, the new costumes look pretty cool for the most part, and the new game mode, "Most Frags", will soon be a popular Xbox Live game mode. For 250 points, ( $3 or so ) it's definitely worth downloading if you are a Bomberman fan. ( Who isn't? )


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