Wednesday, August 08, 2007

DVD Review ( Friends: Season 9 )

[*]The One Where No one Proposes: 4.5/5 Neither Ross or Joey propose to Rachel; Mr. Gellar finds Monica and Chandler having sex in a closet; Joey tries to avoid watching Rachel breast feed.

The One Where Emma Cries: 4.25/5 Ross breaks his finger trying to punch Joey; Monica and Phoebe try to stop Emma's crying.

The One With The Pediatrician: 4.25/5 Rachel finds out Emma only has hiccups; Monica and Chandler discuss Tulsa.

[*]The One With The Sharks: 4.5/5 Monica thinks Chandler likes shark porn when he's in Tulsa; Joey thinks he slept with someone in an apartment he visited, but can't remember her name.

[*]The One With Phoebe's Birthday Dinner: 4.5/5 Phoebe's birthday with friends turns out to be a birthday with only Joey.

[*]The One With The Male Nanny: 4.5/5 Ross makes fun of his male nanny; Chandler gets upset when Monica says someone else is the funniest person she's ever met; Phoebe and Mike exchange apartment keys.

[*]The One With Ross's Inappropriate Song: 5/5 Ross makes Emma laugh to "Baby Got Back"; Joey and Chandler find what they think is a sex tape of Monica and Richard.

The One With Rachel's Other Sister: 4.5/5 Amy thinks that she could take better care of Emma alone than Chandler could.

[*]The One With Rachel's Phone Number: 5/5 Joey thinks Monica is cheating on Chandler, but she's just seeing Chandler and he doesn't know about it; Rachel gives her phone number to a guy in a bar; Ross and Mike try to hang out but they have nothing to talk about.

The One With Christmas In Tulsa: 4/5 One of Chandler's co-workers come on to him; Chandler quits his job to go back to New York.

The One Where Rachel Goes Back To Work: 4.25/5 Rachel tries to get her job back because she fears that she might permanently lose it, but she finds out the guy that took her place is a nice guy; Joey gets a spot for Phoebe on his soap.

The One With Phoebe's Rats: 3.75/5 Ross begs Joey to stay away from his new nanny for Emma; Mike learns that Phoebe has pet rats.

[*]The One Where Monica Sings: 5/5 Monica thinks she's a good singer, but guys are just starring at her boobs; Chandler helps Joey with his messed-up eye brows.

The One With The Blind Dates: 4/5 Joey and Phoebe set Rachel and Ross on bad dates on purpose; Monica has to baby sit Emma and gets mad.

[*]The One With The Mugging: 4.5/5 Ross finds out that Phoebe mugged him years ago; Chandler's advertisement job gets a good start.

The One With The Boob Job: 4/5 Joey gets mad at Chandler and tells Monica that Chandler told him she should get a boob job; Phoebe finds out Mike doesn't want to get married.

[*]The One With The Memorial Service: 5/5 Chandler makes fun of Ross on his college website, and the two go back and forth with insults; Joey doesn't let Emma have his stuffed animal.

The One With The Lottery: 4.25/5 Monica buys a lot of lottery tickets, but Phoebe throws them away; Rachel thinks Emma is close to saying her first word.

[*]The One With Rachel's Dream: 4.5/5 Rachel dreams about Joey; Phoebe bothers customers at Monica's restaurant by playing guitar.

[*]The One With The Soap Opera Party: 4.5/5 Ross meets a girl named Charlie; Chandler is stuck at a play alone, which is hilarious, and which is why I give this episode such a good rating. That is one of my favorite jokes in the show. Lol.

The One With A Fertility Test: 4/5 Rachel tries to go to a new masseuse and hopes Phoebe doesn't see her; Ross hides his feelings for Charlie in front of Joey.

The One With The Donor: 4/5 Ross practices for a presentation at Barbados; Phoebe bumps into David; Rachel's mean to Charlie.

The One In Barbados (Pt. 1): 4.25/5 Ross tells Charlie how he feels; Rachel struggles to tell Joey how she feels about him; David and Mike propose to Phoebe.

[*]The One In Barbados (Pt. 2): 4.5/5 Charlie and Joey break up and Rachel tells him how she feels; Monica and Mike go head-to-head in a ping-pong game.


Friends: Season 9 is another great season. The plus side to this season is that there are virtually no terrible episodes, but the down side is that there aren't many awesome episodes. Still, this season averages a bout a 9/10.


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