Saturday, August 11, 2007

DVD Review ( Full House: Season 3 )

It's been awhile, but here's my review for Full House: Season 3.


[*] Indicates a "Season Great"

Tanner's Island: 3.75/5 The Tanner's get stuck on an island and get lost, but find their way back home.

[*] Back To School Blues: 4.75/5 Stephanie gets worried about having to go to school with DJ in Junior High; DJ gets mad because her and Kimmy have none of the same classes; Jesse and Joey play golf to impress a client.

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do (In 22 Minutes): 4.25/5 Jesse and Rebecca find out it's normal to not want to do everything else your partner wants to do.

[*] Nerd For A Day: 5/5 Stephanie finds out it's not fun being teased.

Granny Tanny: 4/5 The family acts miserable when Grandma Tanner comes to visit, so they don't have to do anything; Michelle is thrilled when she finds out she's getting a "big girl bed", but is scared when she ends up getting it.

[*] Star Search: 5/5 Joey tries to fulfill his life long dream of being on and winning on Star Search.

[*] And They Call It Puppy Love: 4.5/5 The girls find a stray dog that has puppies and is able to keep one. They eventually name it Comet.

[*] Divorce Court: 4.5/5 Joey, Jesse, and Danny compete in a foot race live on Wake Up, San Francisco! to see who is the better athlete.

[*] Dr. Dare Rides Again: 4.5/5 Jesse finds out he isn't as big of a dare devil he was when he was younger.

[*]The Greatest Birthday On Earth: 4.5/5 Jesse and Stephanie try to keep Michelle's birthday fun while they are locked in a gas station.

Aftershocks: 4/5 Danny gets confused when Stephanie clings to him, and he doesn't know why.

Joey & Stacy... and Jesse: 4/5 Joey pitches an idea without asking Jesse first.

No More Mr. Dumb Guy: 4/5 Jesse feels threatened by one of Becky's old teachers.

[*] Misadventures In Baby Sitting: 4.5/5 DJ gets a job as baby sitter to try and get enough money to have her own phone.

Lust In The Dust: 4.25/5 Everyone finds out why Danny is so particular about girls.

Bye, Bye Birdie: 4.25/5 Michelle tries to do stuff herself but simply does everything wrong in the process.

[*] 13 Candles: 5/5 The guys over react after they spy on DJ's 13th birthday party.

[*] Mr. Egghead: 5/5 Joey gets to be host of his own show as Mr. Egghead, and he accidentally breaks Stephanie's nose - the day before picture day.

[*] Those Better Not Be The Days: 5/5 The adults and kids switch roles for a day, and Danny thinks about what the future could be like.

[*]Honey, I Broke The House: 4.75/5 Stephanie drives Joey's car through the house accidentally, and decides to go to Mexico; Jesse gets jealous when he finds out Becky is going out with a football player.

[*]Just Say No Way: 4.75/5 Danny and the guys accuse DJ of drinking at a school dance, but they find out what really happened when a couple of people come clean.

Three Men And Another Baby: 3.75/5 Jesse and Joey babysit a baby named Tony for a little while, and Michelle gets jealous.

Fraternity Reunion: 4/5 The guys go to a reunion as girls, and Jesse finds out driving in the woods on a motor cycle isn't the best idea.

[*]Our Very First Telethon: 4.5/5 Danny stays up for over 24 hours to practice for a telethon, but falls asleep, leaving DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle, as well as many others, to keep the telethon going.


For every good episode in this season, there is a bad episode, just like most TV shows. However, the majority of Season 3's episodes are best in the beginning, with hiccups in quality episodes throughout. Still, this is one of the best seasons of Full House ever.


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