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DVD Review: ( The Simpsons: The Complete Tenth Season )

So it's finally here, The Simpsons: The Complete Tenth Season. This is my review on what is arguably the last "good" season of the series.


[*] Indicates a "Season Great"

[*]Lard of the Dance: 4.75/5 Homer finds out that grease can be sold for money, and takes Bart out of school to do it as a side job; Lisa can't find a partner for her school dance, but finds out it doesn't matter in the end because the boys don't want to dance with the girls, and vice versa.

[*]The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace: 4.75/5 Homer realizes he has wasted half of his life doing absolutely nothing, and become fond of Thomas Edison. Homer ends up inventing, for the most part, useless and stupid inventions, with the exception of a hammer than Thomas Edison gets credit for in the end.

[*]Bart The Mother: 4.5/5 Bart accidentally shoots a bird he didn't mean to, and he decides to take care of the eggs. He eventually finds out, though, that the eggs aren't bird eggs, but lizard eggs. The town wants to kill the lizards because they kill the birds in Springfield, but Bart wants to keep them. Eventually, the lizards find a way to freedom, mass produce, and kill birds again.


Treehouse of Horror IX:
[*]Hells Toupee: 4.5/5 Snake is executed for getting "3 strikes" at the Quik-E-Mart and vows to have revenge on Apu and Moe. Homer gets a hair transplant, and takes half of the form of Snake. Homer kills Apu and Moe, and while trying to kill Bart, Homer pulls the wig off, turning back to normal.
[*]The Terror of Tiny Toon: 4.5/5 Bart puts a plutonium rod inside the families remote control for the TV and he and Lisa eventually end up in an Itchy and Scratchy show, where Itchy and Scratchy want to kill them. Homer eventually "rescues" them.
Starship Poopers" 4.25/5 Maggie grows a fang and tentacles, so Marge tells Homer that Maggie might not be his daughter. Bart suggests they go on the Jerry Springer show to settle the dispute.


When You Dish Upon a Star: 4.25/5 Homer bumps into Kim Basinger and Alex Baldwin (Literally) and they decide to make him their butler, pretty much. Homer shares with everyone that he is friends with the two of them, they find out, and they "fire" Homer.

D'oh In The Wind: 3.75/5 Homer finds out his middle name is Jay, and he becomes a hippie. Homer ruins a couple of guys's juice company, but manages to get in back in track in the middle of the night.

[*]Lisa Gets An "A": 4.75/5 Lisa becomes addicted to a video game of Bart's and misses a couple days of school. When she returns, she has to do a test on a book she never read. She meets with Nelson and gets a cheat sheet. Ms. Hoover gives her an A+++. Lisa confesses to cheating but the school gets a grant. Meanwhile, Homer fattens up a lobster to sell for money, but ends up becoming attached to it.

Homer Simpson In: "Kidney Trouble": 4.25/5 Grampa needs a new kidney after holding his pee too long due to Homer's negligence. He agrees to let his dad have one, but he flees right before the operation. On a ship he tells people about his story, and they tossed him overboard because of how despicable he treated his dad. Homer eventually offered to offer Grampa a kidney again, fleed again, and then got crushed by a car, resulting in him having to go to the hospital anyway.

[*]Mayored to the Mob: 4.75/5 Homer kicks nerd ass at a Sci-Fi convention, and Mayor Quimby hires him as his body guard. Homer gets Fat Tony locked up for giving rat milk to Springfield Elementary. At a musical, Fat Tony swears to get revenge, and does on Mayor Quimby, despite Homer's efforts at protecting him.

[*]Viva Ned Flanders: 4.5/5 Flanders realizes he has wasted 60 years of his life doing absolutely nothing, and Homer takes him to Las Vegas to do something exciting. While there, Homer and Ned get drunk. They wake up finding out they have two wives. They get kicked out of Nevada, and walk home.

[*]Wild Barts Can't Be Broken: 4.5/5 The kids get a curfew for doing something they didn't do, and do a huge protest throughout Springfield. Soon, the kids pretty much run Springfield, but they are soon stopped. Eventually, there is a curfew for anybody under the age of 70. ( It's tough rating this episode because the beginning half of the episode is really the best part. )

[*]Sunday, Cruddy Sunday: 4.75/5 Homer gets tickets to the Super Bowl, but they turn out to be fake. Homer and a group of friends break into the Super Bowl and get arrested. Dolly Parton breaks them out, and they manage to get into the locker room for the after party.

Homer to the Max: 4/5 Homer watches a TV show called Police Cops that has a main character named Homer Simpson. Homer likes being well-known, but Police Cops changes their character from an intelligent cop, into an ignoramus. Homer then changes his name to Max Drive, but then changes it back.

[*]I'm With Cupid: 4.5/5 Apu tries to make up to his wife Manjula by giving her 7 presents, one a day, for the week of Valentine's Day. Everyone in Springfield becomes jealous, and Homer tries to prevent Apu from writing I <3 Manjula in the sky.

[*]Marge Simpson in: "Screaming Yellow Honkers": 4.75/5 Homer buys a Canyonero SUV, but finds out it's a "Soccer Mom" car, and Marge starts driving it. She starts becoming aggressive behind the wheel, and gets stamped with road rage, which she needs to take a class for. Rhino's start stampeding at a zoo that Homer, Bart, and Lisa are at due to a stupid mistake by Homer, and Marge comes to the rescue.

[*]Make Room For Lisa: 4.75/5 Homer ruins the Bill of Rights and a company called Omnitouch builds a cell phone tower right on the roof. The control room takes over Lisa's room, causing her to move into Bart's room. Lisa and Homer end up in sensory deprivation tanks. Lisa realizes she has been too hard on Homer, and in the end Homer takes her to a demolition derby.

[*]Maximum Homerdrive: 5/5 Homer eats a "Sirloin A Lot" steak in a contest between a defending truck driver. The driver dies, and Homer feels bad, so takes himself and Bart into his truck to take over his shipment. Meanwhile, Marge and Lisa buy a new doorbell that constantly rings and doesn't stop. Homer confronts a group of truck drivers who tell him that there is a thing on the trucks that drive it for the driver automatically. Homer promises not to tell, but does anyway. Soon, all the truck drivers in Springfield are after him, but he gets away.

The Simpsons Bible Stories: 4/5 While at church, Marge, Lisa, and Bart, fall asleep and dream about biblical stories. Marge: Dreams she is Eve and Homer is Adam. Lisa: Dreams that her and Milhouse rule Egypt. Bart: Spoofs himself as David taking on Goliath. I would give this episode a lower rating for its absolutely bizarre and unrealistic Treehouse of Horror ending, but the stories are pretty good.

Mom and Pop Art: 3.75/5 Homer buys a bareque pit that he has to make himself, and makes it incorrectly. On his way to take it back, a woman says it's artwork, and Homer starts making more mistakes as art. Homer's fans become bored of his repetitiousness so he decides to flood Springfield for attention. I really liked the beginning of this episode, about the first 1/3, but the last 2/3 I really didn't care for.

[*]The Old Man and the "C" Student: 4.75/5 After Bart ruins the opportunity for the Olympics to come to Springfield, every child gets 20 hours of community service. Bart and Lisa work at the Retirement Castle. Bart decides the old people need more fun in their lives, and rents a yacht. As the boat sinks, Homer's springs save them.

Monty Can't Buy Me Love: 4.25/5 Burns gets angry that he isn't a popular billionaire, and flies out to Scotland to find the Lochness Monster, and bring it back to Springfield.

[*]They Saved Lisa's Brain: 4.5/5 Lisa and a group of the most intelligent people in Springfield and control the city; Homer takes sexy pictures for Marge.

[*]Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo: 4.75/5 The Simpsons get tickets to go to Tokyo. While there, they lose their money, and have to participate on a Japanese game show to get plane tickets back to Springfield


Well, it took me nine days of steady watching, but I finished the season. I honestly think season 10 is one of the best Simpsons seasons ever. After looking back, there are 15 "Season Greats" - 15! That is more than half of the season. Another positive side to this season is that there are very few bad episodes. The bonus features on this DVD are also cool too, including all the prank calls done by Bart to Moe's Tavern through the years, a sneak peek at how they draw the DVD menus, and Buttfinger commercials, as well as the Australian CC's chips commercials, and more. I did notice, however, that Matt Groening missed several commentaries this season, which I thought was strange since he only missed a few total the previous nine seasons. Still, The Simpsons: The Complete Tenth Season is somewhere in my top four season DVDs for the Simpsons now. Definitely well worth picking up.


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