Thursday, August 16, 2007

DVD Review ( Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Volume 3 )

I recently got TMNT: Volumes 3, 4, and 5. Here is my Volume 3 review.

NOTE: Volume 3 is the first part of the third season. Volume's 4, 5, and 6 are also all parts of the third season.


[*] Indicates a "Volume Great"

[*] Beneath These Streets: 4.5/5 The turtles find that Shredder and Krang are still alive, and that they have stolen a Protein Silicon Brain Computer. Splinter is shot with the laser, and he goes into a coma. The turtles try to find the P.S.B.C. to reverse the beam so they can save Splinter.

Turtles on Trial: 4.25/5 The turtles go on a TV show to try and prove to a television host that they are not causing trouble in New York; Krang listens to Shredder and attempts to go to Earth and finish of the turtles for himself.

[*]Attack of the Fifty Foot Irma: 4.75/5 April accidentally zaps Irma with a ray that makes things grow in size. Irma becomes fifty feet tall and wreaks havoc accidentally around the city. Donatello soon makes his own tablet for her to take that helps her shrink in size.

Sky Turtles: 4.25/5 Krang and Shredder come up with an anti-gravity generator and try to take care of the turtles by getting them whie defenseless. However, the Turtles get anti-gravity boots and escape. Krang and Shredder end up escaping once again.

[*]Maltese Hamster: 5/5 Shredder goes around the city to try and find a hamster statue which has a formula to make him the most popular person in the world. Donatello, being the only uncaptured turtle, helps his brothers and gets the statue destroyed.

[*] The Old Switcheroo: 4.75/5 In a mishap between lasers, Shredder and Splinter switch personalities. The turtles manage to figure out that Shredder is actually Splinter's personality, and vice-versa. The turtles trick Shredder's personality into going to the place to get switched back to normal.

April Fool: 4.25/5 Shredder swipes April accidentally, not knowing it was her, and gives her back for a piece of Lydium 90, which would power the Technodrome. However, after Shredder tries to escape with it, the turtles stop him.

[*] The Fifth Turtle: 4.75/5 A little kid ends up getting one of the turtles's Turtle Coms and uses it to act as a fifth Ninja Turtle. Soon, he gets captured by Shredder. The Turtles get him back, and recognize him as a real turtle member and they give him a Turtle Com for saving their hinds.

[*] Turtles at the Earth's Core: 4.75/5 The turtles and Shredder find a way to the past, and the turtles befriend a dinosaur they name Dippy. Shredder tries to get a crystal that will power the Technodrome. After Shredder drops it, Krang says he screwed up and the crystal won't work because of its crack. Dippy, with the help of fellow dinosaurs, break into the Krang's hut and cause a big fiasco.

[*]Enter the Rat King: 4.5/5 April is told to do a report on how rats are taking over the city. April gets captured by the Rat King, and the turtles try to save her. However, while attempting to do so, Splinter temporarily goes under power of the Rat King. The Turtles get Splinter back and defeat the Rat King - for now.

Burne's Blues: 4/5 Burnes becomes a news reporter because of Vernon's statement that he is "too old and fat" to be a detective. Burnes takes Vernon up on that, and becomes a detective, leaving April to do a report on air conditioners not functioning correctly.

Attack of Big MACC: 4.25/5 A robot from the future escapes and comes to the turtle's aid. However, Shredder also wants MACC on his side, and tries to turn him over to "the dark side" if you will. MACC fights Shredder's powers, rescues the captured turtles, and goes back into the future.


Overall, in the DVD order, the episodes for the most part are best in the middle of the set. There are some absolute classic episodes in this section of the season. As you can see, 7 of the 12 are "Volume Greats", and rightfully so. If you're a fan of the show, this volume is a must buy - no doubt.


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