Thursday, December 14, 2006

iHome Boombox Vs. iLive Boombox

If you haven't read my reviews yet for the iHome and iLive boomboxes ( search internet for the pictures of the ones I reviewed ) then this is the place to start. Here's my review of both boomboxes; squaring off to see which is the better deal.

iHome Cost: Roughly $179 normal price ( Got mine for $75 )
iLive Cost: Rouch $129 normal price ( Got mine for $65 )

The iHome is better than the iLive because: Weighs less, has a handle unlike the iLive, better made, speakers are a bit clearer, better radio reception, no antenna, much better backlit screen ( easier to read), much better remote control, and it's smaller.

The iLive is better than the iHome because: It costs less, has FM and AM radio, has the ability to play CDs, looks better.

As you can see, the iHome is MUCH better than the iLive. The iLive has the CD player, but who needs a CD player when someone has an iPod? What's the point of the CDs? The iLive also has the AM radio, but who listens to AM radio anyways? Nobody really listens to ANY radio station now-a-days whether it be AM or FM! Also, the iLive may look better, but the iHome is a very simple design, it's very lightweight, and made much better. Probably the biggest problems I encountered with the iLive were probably when the radio just randomly quit working, and the remote that came with it rarely worked; I had to keep pressing the button on the controller to make it work. However, on the iHome, the remote control was quick to respond with the boombox, and it worked quickly and clearly every time.

It isn't right really comparing these two boomboxes giving that they have quite a big margin in price difference, but for the slim $50 ( or however much more you buy it for ) more spent on the iHome, you get a MUCH better boombox overall. If you can't decide which to buy someone you know ( or even yourself ) definitely get the iHome over the iLive boombox.

iHome Review: 5/5
iLive Review: 3.5/5

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