Saturday, December 16, 2006

DVD Review ( Friends: Season 5 )

Seasons 3 and 4 of Friends were a bit of a dissapointment for me, and since this show is supposed to be great, there is nowhere for this show to go but up.


[*] Indicates a "Season Great"

The One After Ross Says Rachel: 4/5 Ross tries to get back with Emily; Monica and Chandler try to continue and hide their secret relationship.

[*] The One With All The Kissing: 4.5/5 Chandler kisses everyone before work after kissing Monica; Phoebe gets irritated by the gangs London stories.

The One Hundredth: 4/5 Phoebe gives birth to triplets; Joey gets kidney stones; Rachel tries to get Monica a date.

[*] The One Where Phoebe Hates PBS: 4.5/5 Joey gets a job on PBS; Phoebe tells everyone how much she hates PBS; Monica tells Rachel she's dating someone "un-named" from work.

[*] The One With All The Kips: 4.5/5 Chandler and Monica go on a secret vacation, but tell everyone they have business trips; Ross prepares to tell Rachel that Emily doesn't want Ross to see her anymore.

The One With The Yeti: 4/5 Monica and Rachel mistake a hairy neighbor for a Yeti; Ross gets rid of all the furniture in his apartment.

[*] The One Where Ross Moves In: 4.5/5 Joey and Chandler let Ross move in with them after Ross' relationship with Emily falls apart; Phoebe has a relationship with a health inspector; Rachel is convinced that Danny is using mind games to seduce her.

[*] The One With The Thanksgiving Flashbacks: 5/5 The group remedies about their worst Thanksgivings.

[*] The One With Ross's Sandwich: 4.5/5 Joey gets sick of keeping Monica and Chandler's relationship secret; Ross gets mad at someone at work for eating his turkey sandwich.

The One With The Inappropriate Sister: 4/5 Rachel thinks twice about Danny after noticing he has a strangely close relationship with his sister.

[*]The One With All The Resolutions: 4.5/5 For 1999, each person decides to do something new for the year; Rachel finds out about Monica and Chandler's relationship from Joey.

[*]The One With Chandler's Work Laugh: 4.5/5 Ross goes out with Janice; Monica learns that Chandler acts much different around his boss and has his own "work laugh".

The One With Joey's Bag: 4.25/5 Rachel helps Joey with an acting gig by giving him a "man bag"; Phoebe's grandma dies.

[*]The One Where Everybody Finds Out: 5/5 Phoebe learns about Monica and Chandler's relationship and tries to have them admit it before she does; Ross tries to get Ugly Naked Guy's apartment.

The One With The Girl Who Hits Joey: 4.25/5 Joey dates a girl that abuses him; Ross offends everyone in his apartment building accidently.

[*]The One With The Cop: 4.5/5 Phoebe finds a badge at Central Perk and acts as a police officer; Monica is in one of Joey's dreams; Ross buys a couch but has trouble getting it up the stairs.

[*]The One With Rachel's Inadverent Kiss: 4.5/5 Rachel accidently kisses her boss; Monica tries to prove to Phoebe and her boyfriend that her relationship with Chandler is hotter than Phoebe's and Gary's; Ross meets a girl in his apartment building that Joey was trying to meet first.

The One Where Rachel Smokes: 4/5 Rachel smokes to get more benefits at work; Ben gets offered an audition for a soup commercial.

The One Where Ross Can't Flirt: 4.25/5 Joey gets cut out of Law and Order, but tries to cover it up to his grandma; Ross fails at flirting with the pizza delivery girl.

[*]The One With The Ride Along: 4.5/5 Ross, Joey, and Chandler are invited for a ride along in Gary's under cover cop car.

[*]The One With The Ball: 4.5/5 Ross and Joey throw a ball for 2 hours, but then Chandler and Monica jump in and get to 10 hours; Phoebe learns Gary wants her to move in with him; Rachel buys a "cat".

The One With Joey's Big Break: 4/5 Joey gets a chance in a movie outside of Las Vegas, but doubts his success because of Chandler's unfriendliness.

The One In Vegas (Pt.1): 4/5 Chandler flies to Las Vegas to tell Joey he's sorry; Chandler finds out Monica had lunch with Richard.

[*]The One In Vegas (Pt.2): 4.75/5 Rachel and Ross's pranks get out of control and they get drunk; Chandler makes a bet with Monica - a big bet.


Friends: Season 5 is definitely the best season since season 2, and possibly the best yet. It isn't worth a 5/5, but it has a load of fantastic episodes, and very few bad ones. If there is one season of Friends that really shines in its first five years, i'm sure most people would say season 5.


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